Reigisa:The Ship That Sails Itself

This story follows Rei and Nagisa's relationship, their feelings,and all their awkward situations!

A Reigisa Drabble~Extremely fluffy,may get a lil smutty(insert suggestive wink here).Hopefully it will get a good amount of chapters


2. After School

"Pardon the intrusion."said Rei,as he slipped of his shoes in Nagisa's house entry way.School,of course,had been mostly boring for Nagisa,who had been attempting to pass notes with Rei to entertain him.This,of course,did not entertain Rei.

"Rei-chan~What movie do ya wanna watch?"

Rei made his way into the lounge room to see Nagisa already soughting through case of DVD's,leaving many strewn across the floor.Rei sighed and shuffled the chucked DVD's into order beside Nagisa.Nagisa leaned over to pinch one out of Rei's hands,lingering to see if there were any he hadn't noticed that would be good to watch.He only realised a few seconds later that his side was pressed against Rei's, and their faces were barely a centimetre apart.If Nagisa were to do this intentionally,he would think Rei's blushed face funny and giggle,but he found himself unable to make a sound.'We are so close together! Am I...blushing?!No,that's Rei's thing,so why am I blushing?!'He broke from his trance at the sound of Rei falling over.Rei got back up,mumbling something along the lines of "I'm really clumsy,sorry" and Nagisa noticed that instead of having the normal annoyed-awkward-blush that he so often sported,Rei had gone slightly shiny eyed with a light rosy blush.Nagisa thought it to be extremely cute.He broke the silence and giggled.

"Rei-chan,you fell on some DVD's...Are you okay?"

Rei blushed harder,and noticed that the glint in Nagisa's eyes was softer,and his giggle was gentle,and...was that possibly....blush,he spotted on his extroverted friend's cheeks? 

"Ah,so I did!Sorry,I'm fine!"Rei said.Nagisa saw to see some movies he hadn't noticed behind Rei's foot.He reached out and grabbed one.

"I wanna watch this!!"the blonde said happily.

"I don't know,but if you say so..."

So,that night was spent with both Nagisa and Rei curled up watching a horror flick titled 'The Girl Behind The Closet Door',and needless to say,both boys didn't sleep without a light that night.


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