Living in Japan



I was sitting in my office next to all the people work the same job as me. I was looking on Apple computer ,and writing my story for the magazine. Then, my boss Daniel came to me and he is cubby, and wearing a work suit. "Jennifer, do you mind come to my office?" He said. " Sure." I said. I get up from my spinning chair and he escort me to his office.

Then, we arrive to his office and he open the door. "Lady go in first." He said. " Thank you." I said and smile. I sit down in the front of his desk and he close the door as he came in his office. Then, he sit down behind his desk. " Did I do something wrong?" I said. " Oh don't worry you didn't do anything wrong. I have good news for you." He said. " Okay what is it?" I said. "Well, I am giving you a promotion and it in Japan." He said.

"Oh my gosh, thank you so much!" I scream. " You are welcome. Also, time for you to leave his building." He said. " Oh my gosh, yes and thank you so much again." I said. I left the office and pack up my stuff.

Then, my co-worker James next to me is skinny and wearing glasses, plaid shirt ,and jeans. " Hey are you getting fired?" He ask. " No, I am getting a promotion in Japan." I said and smile. "Damn girl I am jealous." He said and smile. " Well I work hard for 3 years and finally a promotion. I can't believe I have been working here since I was 23. Well time for me to go." I said.

Then, I finish pack up my stuff from my office and went home with it. Then, I pack up everything for my new home in Japan. I get a plane ticket from my laptop and print it. Then, I put my boxes in the moving truck and after I did that, I went to the airport place by using a taxi. I gave my money to the taxi driver and I get out the taxi with my bag.

Then, I grab my suitcases from the trunk of the taxi and I went inside the airport place. After I put away my suitcases ,getting on plane and all that. So, I took a nap on the plane as it flies to California and then it flies to Japan. Chapter One Complete....

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