I Always Fall For You...


3. The Ride

After practice I walk out and Ashton is standing beside his car. He says "Here let me take this" and takes my book bag and puts it in the back seat. He opens the door and I get in and he closes it and walks to the other side. He gets in and cranks the car. We are going down the road and we are getting to know each other. He slowly moves his hand and puts it on my thigh. I take his hand and I hold it and he smiles. My house is about 30 min. away from the school. And yes I know I just met Ashton today but I feel like I have known him for years. He says "you have got to be tired for all that I was watching you and the things yall did looked so exhausting." I say "I am but the things yall do look exhausting to." We laugh and I slide to the edge left edge of my seat. I look at him and his eyes are saying please just love me like I love you and he is blushing a little. I put my head on his shoulder and it fits perfectly like to puzzle pieces. He leans over once we pull up to the next stop sign and kisses me on the forehead. I remove my head for his shoulder and we pull into my drive way. My parents are away for a month for business. I get the key from behind the rim of the door. We walk inside and place our bags on the island in the middle of the kitchen. I ask Ashton if he wants anything to drink and he says water and I fix us both a glass of water. We sit down at the table and Ashton says "It looks like I left my Chemistry book in my locker I guess we will have to share." I look at him and he slides his chair closer to mine and we smile while starring in each others eyes. We start to study and he says "Stevie I need to tell you something." "Ok, what is it" "I am an A/B student I don't need help I just want to get to know you more." "I know you have got every answer right and on our pop quiz u got a 98, I just wanted to see how long we could go before you told me." "Are you mad?" "No I couldn't get mad at you". I stand up and walk over to the sink and put our glasses in the sink. When I turn around and he is standing there and I jump because he scared me a little. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer soon the space between our lips is sealed.

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