I Always Fall For You...


11. the day

When we pull into the drive way we leave everything on the golf cart and head inside. I start to make a sandwich and Ash brings me the bread. He will not give it to me so when he turns around I jump on his back. He drops the bread and heads to the balcony. When he gets there I get off his back and he takes my hand. Then his had slips away and onto my waist. We walk over to the edge to watch the sunset. I say "It's beautiful isn't it." "Not as beautiful as you" "I love you" "I love you too" We stand there gazing into each others eyes again. He pulls me closer and starts to kiss me. Then right as it is about to happen he leans up and starts again. He was playin games. After that he walks off into the bedroom. Then I walk after him. When I get into the bedroom his back is toward the door and he is taking his shirt off. I put on another one of shirts and we lay in bed. I turn the TV on and roll over to watch the TV. I fell his arm slip under my shirt and go across my stomach. He places his head close to mine and I put my hand on his. I slowly fall asleep again when I wake up for the first time he is not there. The TV is off and I smell food, my favorite breakfast food, bacon. I roll back over and was about to fall asleep again but I hear the door open. Ashton is holding a tray with a glass of orange juice two waffles with strawberry's on top and three pieces of bacon. We sit there and he eats a waffle and two pieces of bacon. I sit there and laugh because when he eats he looks like a cow. We stay in bed till 12 o'clock and then head out toward the bank.

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