I Always Fall For You...


8. the call

"Hello? Who is this?" "Its the ER your parents have just been in a car accident and they did not make it I'm so sorry for your loss." "Ok." I hang up and start crying Ashton walks in and sees and assumes that it is because we got in a fight I grab his arm and say "We need to talk please." He yanks his arm away and walks out. I start crying and put my hands in my face. I take them off and walk into the bathroom. I open the mirror and take out the alieve pills I try to open them but cant I start screaming "NO NO THIS CANT BE GOING ON, OPEN!!!" Ashton walks in and says "Stevie stop don't do this," and take the bottle from my hands. He wraps his arms around me and we sit on the floor. He brings the same t-shirt I wore on the second date. I put it on with my shorts. We go to bed and he does not sleep he stays up all night running his fingers through my hair and caring for me. I wake up and he is looking at me with the same lost puppy look he did before. He kisses me on the forehead and says "Because we got into one fight why would you try to do something like that." I look at him and say "My parents died in a car accident." "Why didn't you tell me?" "I tried but you walked out." I am in tears again, he holds me closer and tighter than he ever has. He tells me he is sorry and I say it is ok. We lay there till 3. Then we got up and went to the beach. We are holding hands while the wind is blowing through his curly hair. His brown eyes are browner than mine. We turn around and walk back to the house. After walking up a flight of stairs we make it to the balcony on the second floor. He brings out a blanket and we wrap up in it. With my head on his shoulder we attempt to make small talk. it does not work we end up starring into each others eyes and that is how we wanted it.

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