I Always Fall For You...


2. Practice

I walk down the hall toward the bathroom. When I walk in the rest of the cheer leaders are looking at me and I look and say what with a smile. My best friend, Tyera, walks over to me and says "Who is he, you are lit up and you only do that when you meet a guy." "I will tell you later." We laugh and start to change. We are in our spandex and t-shirts and we walk out to the football and start to stretch. As the football players are coming out I see him, Ashton, number 32. He looks at me and smiles and I smile back. Tyera playfully punches me on the shoulder and we giggle. We are on the field practicing our cheer and a football is thrown over and lands at my feet I bend over to pick it up, when I stand Ashton is there and he whispers in my ear as I hand him the ball "Cant wait to study later." I give him a quick peck on the check and he runs off to the middle of the field.

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