I Always Fall For You...


10. love

I wake up to see Ashton looking at me. We are closer this morning then we have been any other morning. He says "I love you." "I lean up and whisper in his ear "I love you." Then I kiss him on the cheek. Our clothes still on the floor we get up and walk into the bathroom. I turn the shower on and step in. I feel arms wrap around me and I turn around and he kisses me while his hands once again his arms are slowly piercing every inch of my body. He kisses me on the neck, then the cheek, then lips. We got closer in the past two days then we have been the past six months. I cant help but say it again "I love you." He smiles and says "I love you." In the shower you get clean but we have never been so dirty. I dress up in dark denim shorts and a Hollister muscle tee tank top, my hair is in a messy bun. I also have my bathing suit on underneath it. Ashton walks in the bedroom with his trunks on a tank. He looks me in the eyes, slowly his move down and up again he says "Damn my baby looks hot today." I smile and walk closer I put my hands on his waist and say "You don't look to shabby yourself but you looked better last night." He does his adorable laugh and kisses me. I put sunglasses on me head and we walk out. He pulls up the golf cart and I walk over and get on. We drive to the pool where the rest of the people are. I walk over to a table and set our things down. I take off my clothes to where I am in my bathing suit. Ashton walks over and takes his tank off we go and get in the pool and start talking. "Stevie we met each other this year but I feel like I have known you my whole life. We have 2 more years of high school but I don't want us to end or ever be apart." "Ash I feel the same I love you so much and I do not ever want to leave your side." "I love you so much" I pull him out of the pool and we dry off. I put my hair back up into a bun and we head back to the house.

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