I Always Fall For You...


5. A Dissicuon

When we pulled into the school parking lot he came and opened my door. I got my bag out of the back and started walking into class with him. We had every class together so we walked and did everything together. When it came time for lunch we got our trays and walked to the farthest table. We ate with one hand and everyone that sat with us suspected nothing. We sat at lunch holding hands and kept waiting for the day to end. After practice we got back in his car and today he started taking the wrong turns. "Ashton were are we going?" "I have a surprise to show you today." So for the 5 minutes I debated asking him this question because I did not want to ruin what we had. "Ashton I need to ask you something?" "What is it?" "Well for the past couple days we have been together a lot and I was wondering if we were dating?" "I kind of though we were." "Ok" I sit there with a smile on my face, his hand holding mine, and my head on his shoulder. We end up going to his house and he told me I was going to meet his parents. I walk in with my bag still in the car and his parents come up to me and say "Hey sweetie Ashton has been so happy lately and it is because of you. When he spent the night at your house last night we were a little wary about it but you seem like a very nice girl who would not do anything to affect her future." "Trust me I wont and your son is so special and I love him almost as much as yall do." I stayed for dinner and Ash drove me home. The next day at school Tyera said "ok you have spent a lot of time with Ashton and not with me your bestfriend now I need you to choose me or Ashton..."

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