Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


12. |Chapter 9: The Meeting|


Claudia decided to stand on a desk. The office had never been so full.

“Right. Ok, we have three ex Warehouse agents who are talking about the Sisters that gave them these artefacts. These agents are bronzed, and, unless we need to interview them, will remain so. I have a bad announcement…”
“Security breach,” William walked in, “Your cameras show women in dark red robes appearing and taking things, such as the Amphora.”
“Yes. These are the Sisters they are referring to. I checked our database and they appear to be the mythical Sisters Of The Dark Blood”

“Which are what?” Artie strolled forward, “Even I’VE never heard of them, and I’ve heard of everything.”
“They harness the power of artefacts so they can destroy things. They were myths until today.”
“A bit like me then,” William piped up, “I was a myth once, well, a legend. Still am a legend to be fair but…” he looked at Claudia and shut up. 

“The artefacts we collected today were chosen for a particular reason. The Sisters only absorb energy of artefacts when they are used, so why these four?”

William considered, “Elements!” he said, “The Amphora, fire, the Trident, water, the Candle, air, the Headress, stone or Earth. They have absorbed the energy to control the primordial elements.”
“So they must be stopped,” Claudia stepped down, “and the agents I believe to be from Paracelsus’ dimension, when he changed time back in 2014. They must have used Louis XIV’s Silverware Forks, the ones in their dimension, to remain in existence after we fixed the timeline. They do not age in this dimension due to the fact that it is unaware of their existence, as said by MacPherson. The Sisters clearly found them. They all worked with Paracelsus, whom they clearly liked, and they clearly want revenge since we bronzed him.”
“They worked with the Sisters as the Sisters promised to destroy the Warehouse, then the world.” Artie adjusted his glasses, spares, since he lost his old ones, “they must be stopped indeed."


Then the computers all shut off. All at once. Claudia stumbled.

“They’re here. They’re in the Eldunari, we need to get to the Eldunari. They’re destroying it!”

Like a regiment the agents, led by Claudia, William and Artie, marched out onto the balcony and looked at the Warehouse. One by one the lights were going out. Adolphe Chaillet's "Shelby" Bulbs, the lights that never burn out, were doing just that. As each symbol was crushed the Warehouse died a little bit more.


The Warehouse was dying.


The Sisters were winning.

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