Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


11. |Chapter 8: Until The Light Burns Out|


Jack, Maddicks and Francinia were surprised when William popped in, appearing next to them outside the biggest nightclub in the state of Massachusetts.

“Hey. So, what you here for?” Jack turned to him and William smiled.

“We have a full scale evil ex agent epidemic and Artie suggests that I come to find out if it’s an ex agent causing this. What’s going on?”
“You see that Halloween party in that nightclub?”
“People in there keep dying, suffocation, and no one notices.”
“Hence your reluctance to enter, I see,” he paused, “I should go in. I can’t die. I’ll just come back again and again.”
Maddicks looked at Jack, “We could try it…”
“Go,” Jack said, and resumed his monitoring through the binoculars.


William appeared in the club and no one noticed. He strolled around, noticing everything. There were candles on the walls, everyone in gothic fancy dress. Nothing out of the ordinary for a Halloween party. He shrugged and approached the bar, sitting down. A woman sat next to him and she smiled.

“Hey.” She said.

“I’m married,” he smiled.

“What made you think I was hitting on you?”
“You have your hand close to mine. You’re so unnaturally close we’re almost sharing a bar stool. Little giveaways.”
“Suit yourself.”
“I do but I couldn’t marry myself. I’m sorry but I notice everything.”
She smiled, “Not everything…”

William smiled, paused and looked up. But now he really looked. He looked through the fun and the party. He noticed the dead people lying on the floor and stood, moving towards a man who was suffocating. He was pointing to something, a candle on the wall. William looked closer and the light flickered.


When it flickered, the man died.


William grabbed the candle and reached for a neutralising bag. The wax dripped down the side onto his hand and it burnt.


Then he couldn’t breathe. The oxygen had left the air and he fell, panic stricken. He regained composure and plucked a neutralising bag out. It flashed and he breathed. He looked up and he saw a man in the doorway. A man he knew very well. He stood and the man smiled. William walked towards him.


“How are you here?”
“I’m doing my duty.”
“You serve no one.”
“Speak for yourself Mr. Warehouse Advisor. Oh and you’re married,” he nodded to the ring, “cute.”
“You need to come with me.”
“We both know that won’t happen.” The man turned and walked away.

William considered and teleported, appearing beside Jack with the artefact. He opened the bag and looked, “Tiberinus Silvius’ Candle. Ninth Latin King of Rome. He drowned in the River Tiber, probably why it made people suffocate. And it happened at a party, where they feel safe. The Tiber was named after him so he probably felt safe in it.” He looked at William, “Thank you.”
“No problem, now we have a meeting to attend at Warehouse 13. So if you'll please, hang on."

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