Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


10. |Chapter 7: And Breathe...|


He didn’t need to breathe for the next forty seconds. He had to get as close to the pier as possible. He concluded he could do two minutes without oxygen before passing out.

He started swimming. He could feel MacPherson behind him, tugging at his feet.


On the pier, Artie was starting to panic. He rooted in his back and found what he was looking for, Lloyd Wright’s Pick Up Sticks. He walked to the edge of the pier and threw them off. Now when Steve got back, he could climb up. Then he had an idea.



William’s phone rang.

“Hey, what’s up?” William said as he dumped the tied up Jack on the back seat of the DeLorean and leant on the roof, Claudia looking on.

“Remember that storm I mentioned?”
“Well I need you down here right now. Steve is trapped with about ten seconds before he has no oxygen.”
“I’ll be there!” He hung up, “One minute, Claud!”




William appeared on the pier. Out to sea he could see two men struggling.

Artie turned to him, “Get Steve!”
“You got it,” William disappeared and reappeared in the ocean. He grabbed both men by the collars and appeared on the pier. Steve was gasping for air and Artie shuffled quickly towards him and removed the Goggles. He fumbled in his pocket and neutralised them. Steve stopped gasping.


James Macpherson stood and smiled at Artie, “Hello, Arthur, nice to finally meet you.”

William looked quizzically at the two men.

“Where did you come from James?”

“Now why would I tell you that?”

William smiled and punched MacPherson around the face too, "Guys, we seriously need to meet at the Warehouse. We have an old agent called Jack Secord who tried to burn us all away!”

Before he could reply, Artie’s Farnsworth buzzed. He opened it and Pete and Myka appeared.

“Yeah, what’s up?” Artie gazed upon them like a father scolding his children.

Myka spoke, “We have Rebecca St. Clair.”
“Well that’s great!” Artie remarked, turning the Farnsworth to MacPherson sprawled on the floor, “I have MacPherson!”

“Er, Pete, Myka, don’t mean to steal any thunder here but me and Claudia have an ex agent called Jack Secord!” William stuck his face over Artie’s shoulder.

“Right,” Artie paused, “We have an evil ex agent problem in full swing. What’s causing it I don’t know but we need them all. So William, go to Massachusetts, Jack, Maddicks and Francinia have a problem with people being starved of oxygen. I guess an ex agent is behind that as well. You catch him and bring him to me. Tell Claudia then be on your way. We’ll meet at Warehouse 13.”

William nodded and disappeared. Artie retrieved his pick-up sticks and he and Steve carried MacPherson back to the car.  

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