Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


8. |Chapter 5: Ash & Lava|


William was just behind the man with the pot. But then again William was always just behind anyone he was chasing. It was his thing. If they started to get away he would teleport directly behind them again. It made tag fun he must admit. And he could cheat at the weekly Warehouse four-a-side he’d got them playing.

The man was getting away again.

William appeared behind him and punched him in the back of the head. He teleported and reappeared a split second later with an exhausted, white-faced Claudia. The make up had run and the ‘punk rock’ clothes were starting to look a bit tatty.

“I’ve got him!”

Claudia looked up, “Snag…it.”

"Pass us the pot.”

The man opened it and Lava spewed out, covering the floor. 

William shook his head, stepping back, “Now that’s not very nice. This is the bit where I ask you why you’re doing what you’re doing.”
“Revenge, The world has wronged me. I need retribution. I will burn this place down. The Sisters promised me.”
“Sisters?” William asked.

“Wait…” Claudia looked closely at the man, “Jack Secord?”

“Jack who?”

“Ex-Warehouse agent. Died as a result of the Spine of Saracen. Sacrificed himself.”

And he’s here because…?”
“Don’t you remember?” Jack interrupted, “All those years ago you went into another dimension. I am from that dimension. I was made into what I am today by the rightful Caretaker of all the Warehouses!” Jack stood.

“Ooh, sounds fun? Love a good conspiracy. May I ask who that is?” William looked on with that Kermit-like look of puzzlement on his face.

Claudia had realised, “Paracelsus.”

“You’re quick you, just not quick enough. We came back, four of us. The Sisters found us and they told us what to do to get revenge on the Warehouse. You will burn!”
“But Jack, you were a hero…”
“Your Jack was a hero, this Jack is successful.” He threw the Amphora down and watched in amusement as the lava spread, forcing the agents back. Claudia pulled out what looked like a water pistol and fired a few times at the Amphora. Purple goo shot out and it flashed and neutralised.

Jack looked on in complete shock.


William strode over the now hard lava and punched Jack square in the face, “What was that, Claud?”

“My Neutro-Goo Water Pistol. I figured we might need short distance neutralising powers for things like this when we couldn’t get close. I actually made this fifteen years ago. This is the first use.”

William smiled, shook his head, and hauled the unconscious Jack along with them as they walked away.

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