Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


6. |Chapter 3: Stone Cold Heart|


The shopping mall was surrounded by reporters and numerous forms of emergency services. For some reason the fire brigade had turned up. There wasn’t a fire but they clearly thought they could help.

“People being turned to stone. Any ideas?” Myka turned to Pete and cocked her head slightly to one side.

“It’s probably caused by an artefact that turns people to stone.”

“Yeah, OK. Funny,” she paused, “you ok? You seem subdued.”
“I’m concerned that our kids see it as an awkward relationship.”
Myka started walking away, “What’s awkward about it?”

“The fact that I, Pete Lattimer, am forty-two, and my youngest son is forty-nine. It’s just odd.”
“It’s William. He brought us back to our fine fighting form. They
understand. Would you rather be younger than your children, or dead?”
“I’m worried they’ll want what William gave us.”
“Don’t be. It’ll be fine.” Myka turned her attention to a sergeant stationed behind a ‘Police Line-Do Not Cross’ banner, “Secret Service,” she and Pete flashed their badges and strolled through into the main area of the shopping mall, where they were greeted by a policeman.

“There is a person in here turning people to stone. You are Secret Service. What is going on? Is it aliens?”
“I thought you were meant to give us the briefing,” Pete sighed, “there will be a rational explanation, not aliens, I assure you. Now tell us what’s going on.”
“There’s a woman in here turning people to stone. She just looks at them and poof!”
Myka drifted away. Pete and the police officer glanced at her and she smiled, “They are safe if they look at her, it’s if she looks back and they lock eyes.”
“Woah, Mykes, so what are you saying?”
Myka grabbed Pete and dragged him away from the police, who now seemed more conspiracy hell-bent than before.

“Medusa. You look at her eyes and you turn to stone. We’re looking for someone using Medusa’s Headress, William’s favourite artefact.”
“Wait, I won’t be LOOKING for her, more, feeling, sniffing, listening and, if necessary, tasting for her. I’m not using the sense of sight at all in this one. And why’s it William’s favourite? And how do you know this?”
“He likes it ‘cause he likes mythology. Artie told him off for playing with it but you know William.”

“Ok, so what we gonna do? There’s someone in this building who turns you to stone by looking at her, and we’ve got to find her, remove her headwear and neutralise it without looking?”

Myka smiled, “I’ve already figured that out.”


“I’m really not liking this idea.” Pete walked back around the corner to find Myka gazing at an artefact on the shelf, “Got it, now shut up Pete.”

“Come on. Coming back to the Warehouse to get something was not a great idea. How many more people will have turned to stone?” Pete jogged to catch up to her. She was marching. It worried him.

“No one if they stayed away. Medusa saw her cave as her domain and did not leave. This woman, who technically has the ‘spirit’ of Medusa inside her, will see the shopping mall as her domain. She’ll still be there, and is technically harmless unless approached.”
“Aw great. So what do we do?” He paused, as if waiting for an imaginary audience to answer, then exclaimed: “approach it!”
“Of course, it’s our job.” She walked off and left Pete standing in the aisle on his own.

“I am not paid enough for this.” He shook his head and followed Myka out of the stacks.

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