Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


29. |Chapter 24: All Those Years Ago|



They were all in the office, eating cookies, drinking milk, and laughing. Claudia sat on William’s knee and he was looking increasingly uncomfortable, much to the amusement of Pete.

Claudia stood and William sighed in relief.

“We lost three agents today.” She said, “But we did good. We all did good. You are all reinstated as official Warehouse agents, and you, William, are also an agent.”

They all cheered and laughed and ate more cookies and drank more milk.


The hologram of Mrs. Frederic appeared again. The party stopped.


“You all did well. You are officially the greatest set of agents I have ever had.”

Artie smiled, happy that the Warehouse acknowledged him.

“None of you will ever have to leave these walls. William can ensure you are the immortal guardians of Warehouse 13. If you agree of course.”

Each agent nodded.

“Thank you. Darkblood Enterprises are no longer a threat. They have no leader and nobody told any of them what everything was about. The Regents are hard at work arresting them all. The agents from the separate dimension were, on the orders of your duplicate, William, going to burn the Warehouse using the Wood From The Great Fire Of London. That was what you saw in the future. As for you, I think you must rest. And as for your connection to the Warehouse, Claudia, judging by the fact that Paracelsus spent about five hundred years as strongly connected as you, I think you will be fine.” The image flickered, “And Artie, give William a proper induction, would you? Now he’s an official agent.”

Artie nodded and the image dissipated.


He huffed and turned to William

“Induction?” William asked, perplexed.

Artie smiled and cheerily lead him out onto the balcony. He waved his hand over the vast expanse of the Warehouse, “Welcome,” He said, “To Warehouse 13.”

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