Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


28. |Chapter 23: Power Reversed|


They all watched the space where Paracelsus had stood, then looked over at the widening pool of blood that brandished Rebecca St Clair in the centre.

“We lost.” Myka said, “We actually lost this time. Not like last time, when everything was destroyed and there seemed to be no hope. This time we lost.”

“Not yet,” Pete said

“How?” Claudia said, joining the conversation, “We don’t know where Paracelsus is, but we presume he is at the headquarters of Darkblood Enterprises. We don’t know where that is, what weapons he’s capable of building using his knowledge from his dimension. We know nothing.”
“Not quite,” Pete grabbed Claudia’s shoulders, “Remember when Paracelsus became Caretaker of this Warehouse back in 2014. You were part of the Warehouse, he was in command, so he could control you. He had used the Philosopher’s Stone to make his connection with the Warehouse so strong that he could control everything with just a thought,” He coughed, “Admittedly I played a teeny part in that,”
She nodded, eyes wet.
“It’s the other way around now.”

There was a pause as her brain processed what had just been said, and then she smiled.

“William, be a dear and dash off to…” She thought for a moment, “Aisle 221C.”

William disappeared and reappeared, stone in hand. They all linked hands and travelled to the Eldunari.

“I don’t suppose you have a Bunsen burner on hand do you?” Pete asked.

William rolled his eyes and disappeared without a word. He reappeared with a Bunsen burner, clearly stolen from a high school, and a can of gas.

“Right,” Pete thought for a minute, “Heat the stone till it gives off steam, let Claudia inhale it. That should Super-Caretaker her. Then we’ll go back to the Bronze Sector, bring Paracelsus back, bronze him and have cookies.”

Pete attached the burner to the barrel of gas and held a match over the top.

“You sure this will work?” Claudia asked

Pete nodded and they all watched intently as gas began to rise off the stone. Artie cupped it in his hands and brought it up to Claudia. She hesitated, looking worried, and inhaled. She felt something inside her, almost like electricity, and she nodded. They left the stone where it was and teleported to the Bronze Sector.


Concentrating, she imagined Paracelsus, miles away from the Warehouse, smug due to him thinking he had won. She controlled Paracelsus with her mind, bringing him back to the Warehouse.


He appeared in front of them, “What is happening?” He tried to teleport again, but couldn’t.

“Remember all those years ago when you controlled me, eh?” Claudia smirked, “Payback time.”


She winked and Paracelsus turned and walked himself into the bronzer. He was fastened in and the doors closed and the bronzing began.

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