Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


27. |Chapter 22: Not Your Typical 9-5 Office Job|


“Jack and Maddicks?” Pete asked.

“I can’t revive them. Warehouse 13b went sky high. There are no bodies to revive.” William smiled sadly.

“Yes.” Claudia came in, “But we have a problem. SOMEBODY neutralised Alfred Dreyfus’ Sword Hilt and SOMEBODY pushed your double out of the Typewriter’s Sphere of Influence. I think I might know who that is, and also where they might be.”
“Pray tell.” Artie said.

“The former Warehouse agents from the other dimension. William will have used his DNA to debronze them before he attacked us in the Dark Vault. That’s why he was gone longer than we expected…”

Pete interrupted, “William won’t be on the DNA register for the Bronzer. Only select people are, like you.

“Ah, yes, but with me and William being married I kinda fulfilled the ‘what’s yours is mine’ thingy and put him on it.” She smiled sheepishly. More sheepish that, say, a sheep, “And his double has the same DNA so yeah. Anyway.” She thought for a minute, “He will have debronzed them and I have a feeling I know who they’re going to debronze. And that person will become the leader of Darkblood Enterprises and will try to kill the Warehouse. That’s what he was talking about when he said ‘go ahead with the plan’. Link hands everyone, we need to go to the Bronze Sector.”


Arriving at the Bronze sector they found Rebecca St Clair and Jack Secord debronzing Paracelsus, with James MacPherson unconscious on the floor.

William produced his gun and fired once, hitting Jack in the head. But they were too late, the blood of William’s double had already started the process.


James MacPherson stirred and then leapt, latching on to Rebecca and plunging a knife into her neck. She fell, choking on her own blood.

“Moral of that story,” Artie murmured, “Never trust MacPherson.”

He turned to them, “I wanted to lead Darkblood Enterprises. That role suited me perfectly. But first it was William, and if he failed we had to debronze his master. They were such good friends.”

Artie stepped forward, “Stop the bronzing then, James.”

“Too late now. We’re all going to die!”

“Now, now James,” Paracelsus said, “You are one to over exaggerate.”

MacPherson charged towards him, knife aloft, and plunged it into Paracelsus chest. He grunted and pulled it out, the wound closing.”

“That’s fast.” William said, “That healed like I heal.”

Macpherson turned, “They used a device from our dimension to inject William’s blood into him while he was bronzed, transferring powers. A tad nifty if you ask me.”

“But nobody asked you, did they, MacPherson?” Paracelsus grabbed him by the throat and they both vanished.


Paracelsus reappeared a few seconds later, without MacPherson, “He always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.” He smiled, then disappeared.

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