Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


26. |Chapter 21: Raid|


Getting to the Eldunari of Warehouse 13b with only a Stick Grenade to carry should have been easy. Especially since the Warehouse was meant to be empty.


They walked through the church confidently, Pete and Myka in the lead, Teslas out just in case. William, Claudia, Artie and Steve followed, with Jack and Maddicks at the back. Pushing their way through the door, they found themselves in the glass tube.

“Why are we walking?” Pete asked, “Why don’t we teleport?”
“Because, dear friend,” William placed a hand on his shoulder, “We are paranoid. I am a dodgy fellow, so we presume that my double is just as dodgy. We are working on the assumption that he escaped our traps and is waiting for us in the Eldunari…” William was cut off by two gunshots. That all turned to see Jack and Maddicks drop.

William’s double stood over the bodies, holding two pistols, “Found these in the top drawer of the main desk. I presume they were Jack’s?” Without waiting for an answer he began firing again and all the agents leapt out of the nearest gap in the tunnel, none of them grabbing the zipline. They were falling and falling until William grabbed them all one by one and teleported them into the Eldunari.

“Ok,” He confessed, exhausted, “Teleporting straight here would have been a better idea.”
The other William appeared, holding the guns. He pulled them both but neither of them fired, both empty. He huffed and threw them away.


Claudia produced the Stick Grenade and held it in the air, ready to drop.

“I wouldn’t do that.” William warned.

“I know, destruction is a very bad thing, but I’m sick of having two Williams.”
The double reached into his pocket for the Caretaker ribbon in a rush to disconnect himself, suddenly releasing that if the Eldunari blew up the Warehouse would die, and if the Warehouse died, so did the Caretaker, immortal or not.


Claudia reached into her pocket and produced the ribbon, “Amongst my numerous skills, such as hacking, lock picking and being hot, I’m a surprisingly good pick pocket, especially during fights.”

The double cursed and pulled out a radio, “Go ahead with the plan!” He said, before Claudia dropped the Grenade and they all linked hands, disappearing.


The double knew that there was nowhere he could teleport to that would save him, the destruction of Warehouse 13b’s Eldunari would kill him wherever he was in the world, so he stayed and watched the blast.

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