Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


22. |Chapter 17: All We Hold Dear|


Jack gazed at his computer and Maddicks stood by his side. Out on the balcony sat the agents of William’s Warehouse 13b. They were drinking milk and eating cookies and seemed to have not a care in the world. The only thing that spoilt the scene was Claudia, or Miss. Donovan, as they called her, pacing back and forth. Maddicks watched intently.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you. Concentrate. We’re an agent down,” Jack nudged him.

“What, oh yeah. She seems concerned.”
“She is, her husband’s evil counterpart is running around. We should all be worried.”
“Yeah, true.” Maddicks carried on gazing.

Jack sighed, “Don’t tell me you have a crush on our Caretaker.”
Maddicks shook his head so violently Jack half expected it to fall off. He believed he was lying but didn’t push the subject.

Claudia suddenly came swiftly back into the room. Jack spun to see a very concerned William stood behind them.

“Ok, where did you go?” Claudia asked.

“24 hours into the future.”

“I saw the Warehouse in flames.”

Claudia nodded, “Mrs. F, or at least her hologram that the Warehouse kinda adopted as its physical form, mentioned the Warehouse burning to me. She was vague but I’ve felt on edge ever since.”
“She spoke to me,” William admitted ashamedly.

“I was snooping in the Bronze Sector. She told me not to burn the Warehouse. I knew I wouldn’t so didn’t mention it. But when I met my counterpart it all fell together.”

“Ok, I’ve no time to be mad at you now, but I’ll be sure to catch up later,” she turned to Maddicks, “get the agents off the balcony.”
Maddicks nodded and scuttled off as fast as his little legs could carry him.
“He has a crush.” William smiled.


“Yeah,” Jack agreed, “I figured it out a few minutes ago.”
“Seriously?” Claudia shook her head.

“He’s trying to steal my wife!”
“Oh, now you’re bothered.”
“Of course. Everything I do is for you, how could I go on without you?”
“No, everything you do is for yourself, you just manage to make it look like it was for me.”
William opened his mouth to argue, then shook his head, realising the truth in her words.

Maddicks walked back in, followed by Artie, Pete, Steve and Myka. Claudia briefed them and they all turned to William.

“What?” he asked.

“You’re you, what would you do?”

William thought for a minute, “I’d be in the Warehouse right now, listening in, hearing our plans so as to counter them.”

“Very good,” the other William strolled in.

“I was right? Hey!”

“It’s just a shame you don’t have any plans.”
“I do, I just haven’t told you.” William smiled.

His counterpart shook his head, “The power of immortality makes it so you can antagonise your opponent when fighting one on one, but there are other people involved. What are you going to do about that?”
“Absolutely nothing.”
“Not a surprise really,” he paused, drinking in the cold feeling in the air, “you know the effect you have had on the people here. On Claudia. Do you really think you should stay? I will not harm them or the Warehouse and you know I am an honest man as you, despite your faults, are an honest man. Just leave and this will be over.”
William turned to Steve, “He’s telling the truth.” Steve shrugged.

William looked at his double, “What do you get from this?”
“I just want you to leave the Warehouse. It is not a place for either of us. We are artefacts and the Warehouse is a prison for artefacts.”
“He’s telling the truth.”
William considered, then, after flashing a quick grin at Claudia, he disappeared.


Claudia sagged. The other William smiled, “The key to a perfect lie,” He said, “Is not be lying when you say it.”
“What do you mean?” Claudia stepped forward.

“I’ve changed my mind. The Warehouse will be mine…”
BAM! William appeared next to him and struck him in the head with a brick. His counterpart crumpled into unconsciousness.

“Brick From The Berlin Wall?” Claudia asked, “You think that’ll imprison him?”
“It’s an artefact. It keeps people in. In theory he shouldn’t be able to teleport out as this artefacts containing abilities should cancel out his escaping abilities.”
“Try it.”
William dropped the brick and a wall constructed itself around his counterpart, who was now stirring. Once the wall was complete they waited, and it only took a few seconds for William to teleport to the other side.

“Seriously?” He asked, before disappearing.

“Worth a shot,” William muttered.


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