Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


18. |Chapter 14: Sisters Of The Dark Blood|


“I feel like a ghost buster!” William stood in the office in a white protective suit with a tank of neutralising goo strapped to his back and a firing pipe in one hand.

“Shut up and zip your jacket up.” Claudia pulled her tank over her shoulders and clicked it into place.

“So this isn’t a onesie?”
“No, it’s not a onesie. Onesie’s are much comfier and I have a fluffy one.”
“You do?”
“Yes. It’s a sheep design. I wear it in winter. It makes me look like a ball of cotton candy.”
“Candy floss.” William mumbled, “So, you sure this will work?”
Artie waddled over in his protective suit, “The Sisters harnessed the power of artefacts so in theory spraying them with neutralising goo will make them into your normal, everyday psychopathic women.”
William put his hand up, “Quick question: when did ‘normal everyday psychopathic women’ become a good thing?”

“When the alternative is psychopathic women with superpowers,” Myka stepped in, “We ready to go?”
“All but Pete.” Steve turned to him. He had his arm stuck in the suit and couldn’t get it in or out.
“Aw, Pete,” Myka walked towards him, “Do I have to dress you every morning?” She yanked the sleeve and he yelped, but it slithered on.

“Ok, were ready to go now.” Myka said.

“Right, any questions?” Claudia smiled.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“Oh William, if it doesn’t work everyone in this room will die except me. Including you. Man up, don’t be a sissy.”
William whimpered and they marched out of the Warehouse.


The arrived at the nearest town. It was in ruins. Buildings burned, sinkholes dominated the streets. People lay dead everywhere. People who had suffocated. People starved of oxygen.

“Not here. They must be at the next town.” Artie turned to the rest of them, “How do we catch up?”

Claudia produced an artefact that looked rather unimpressive.

“Ok, what’s that?” William asked, eyebrows raised.

“Scotty’s Transporter System.”
“Looks a bit small, doesn’t it?”
“It was a prop from the series. Not the whole thing, just part of it. I found it in the movie aisle, where the Delorean is from. Clearly just this part of it became the artefact, not the whole thing.”
“Ok, and how do we use it?”
“Well, I talk off my gloves,” She removed her gloves, “Touch it and…” They all disappeared, including her, as a wave of teleportation energy flew out.


They stood on the top of a building in the next town, looking up at the Five Sisters. The army had arrived and were shooting at them in vain. The Sister of Air flicked her hand and a tank overturned. The Sister of Fire blew it up.

“Oh dear,” Pete said, as the Sisters turned to them, “Ooooooooh dear.”


“Everyone ready your goo-shooters!” Claudia commanded, “I get the feeling they won’t go down easily!”

In one movement the whole team flipped their shooters off their shoulder and pointed them at the Sisters.

They fired.

Streams of goo erupted from the pipes and shot haphazardly towards the Sisters. One evaporated it, one jumped out of time and avoided it, one put up a forcefield of air, one blasted it back with a wall of water, and one turned to stone.


Bad move.


She fizzed and squealed and was neutralised, falling from the sky. They heard a splat and a crunch and looked down to see a very dead woman in a red robe laid on the floor.

“We beat one!” Pete cheered.

“Yes, Pete, but that means the rest of them know what the goo does!” Myka scowled

“Ah, yes it does.”

The Sister of Fire blasted herself like a rocket towards William, flames reaching out from her body, shooting towards him like burning knives. He pulled down his helmet and the fire could not pierce.

“Artefact resistant suits!” Claudia yelled, “Now you know why I made you wear it!”

William nodded and ducked as the Sister came in again, this time going for the cracks in the visor. William jumped backwards as he felt the fire seep through and there was a flash, temporarily blinding him. He looked up to see Steve had surprised her from behind, shooting her with neutraliser goo. He smiled and helped William to his feet.

“Nice distraction.” He smiled.

“Hmm. Thanks, by the way.”
Steve nodded and moved off, leaving William stood on his own. Claudia joined him, “Press the red button on your sleeve.”
“It tells you what shield percentage you have left on the suit. You were nearly blasted through the visor, I suspect it’s low.”
“Forty-six percent.”
“I suspected lower. You must react fast.” She moved off also, and William turned to see the Sister of Air in front of him.


On the other side of the building Myka was trying to distract the Sister of Water so Pete could neutralise her, but she kept alternating her attention between the two of them. She sent waves in their direction and they barely stayed on their feet, the water thundering towards them and smashing off the end of the building. Pete fired his goo and the Sister sent a wave his way, smashing the purple liquid back onto him. She looked in his eyes and he felt himself choke on water. He was drowning, just like Myka, and he panicked.


He couldn’t get a shot at the Sister of Air, she just bent the air to suit her needs. She was untouchable. William leapt towards her and blasted through her forcefield of air, his suit resisting the effects of the artefact energy inside her. A message flashed onto his visor ‘SHIELD PERCENTAGE LOW – 9%’. He cursed and fired his goo, but it bounced off yet another forcefield of air. Then the Sister flew up so high that she was only a speck and came straight back down again, landing on the air and sending a wave out and blasting the agents off their feet. Another message flashed onto William’s visor as he lay on his back ‘SHIELD SHUTDOWN - POWER DRAINED’. He cursed.


The wave of air had blasted the Sister of Water off her feet and broken the connection between her and Pete, who had now, wisely, put his visor down. As the Sister lay on her back Pete and Myka fired the goo, neutralising her. She hissed and fizzed and passed out.


Claudia stood back to back with Steve, but no matter what you do, if your target keeps disappearing out of time you are going to have a hard time stopping them. She’d disappear then reappear and they fired randomly, waiting for her to appear on time and get neutralised. She never did, it was like she knew when they would fire. Steve stood at the edge of the building and he saw William’s Delorean pull up and a man step out. That man placed his hand on the top of the car and then disappeared, and Steve spun around to find both the car and the man on the roof. The man was William Damarcus.


At the other side of the roof the Sister of Air was looking down on a rather pathetic, mortal William. She smiled and crushed him with a wall of air. That was one job done. She moved off.


The other William stood by the Delorean and the Sister of Time moved towards him. She could see the energy in the Delorean and she was transfixed. So transfixed that Claudia fired a stream of Goo into her back and she neutralised, falling to her knees and slipping into unconsciousness.

“Who are you?” Claudia asked.

“I am William Damarcus. The immortal version who was tight with ol’ Paracelsus. Came back to this little dimension, met your William, who, by the way, looks a little bit dead. He threatened me an’ stuff and I’m guessing he didn’t tell you about me.”
Claudia had gone and was by William’s side. He was in a pool of his own blood, the shield split. The Sister of Air stood above them, unmoving, floating on the air. The other William approached.

“Revive him!” Claudia said, tears in her eyes.

“Now why would I do that? He’s the biggest threat to my master plan. There is another way, but it might need some concentration. You know what that other way is. Goodbye, for now, Claudia.”


Claudia thought for a moment then turned to the Sister of Air. She remembered how, back at the Eldunari, the Sister had taken the bullets from Al Capone’s Machine Guns and just healed. Right after she had kissed William she had absorbed his artefact energy. His healing energy.

“Give him his powers back. Revive him, please.”

“So he can kill me? I don’t think so.”

“You have the powers too, we can’t kill you. Please. I’m begging you.”
“If I do this you let me go and you never follow me. I will not bother Warehouse 13 or even America.”
“You have a deal.”

She nodded and a blue stream of energy flew from her mouth and cascaded down onto William like falling water. His body healed, slowly at first, but it was getting faster. Then he jumped up and looked the Sister of Air dead in the eyes.

“Hey baby!” He said, before grabbing Claudia’s neutraliser and firing the goo at her before she even noticed he’d moved. She flashed and fell, hitting the floor in an unconscious lump.

“Well, that’s one way of solving our problem.” Claudia smiled and hugged William.


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