Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


17. |Chapter 13: Murder|


William revived Pete and Myka first. Pete was not best pleased, mumbling something about a killer headache. Myka had developed a fear of water; at the very mention of Pete needing a glass of water to ease his head she whimpered. Artie, being Artie, shrugged it off. He was used to being brought back from the dead. It was, after all, his third time. Steve didn’t mind the whole situation, although was now confident that the bad karma he had accumulated by being resurrected so many times and refusing to die would greatly outweigh any good karma he could get from anywhere. Claudia had changed her clothes. She wasn’t professional after all.

“Get Francinia.” Claudia ordered, nodding to her.

William said nothing and moved towards her. He laid his hand on her chest and she healed slowly, her burnt skin reforming. She sat up, eyes wide, and turned to William.

“Thank you.” She said.

William was taken aback for a whole three seconds. He was un-taken aback when she pulled out neutraliser goo and sprayed it all over William, his entire body fizzing. He cursed and flew backwards, escaping the flow. But it was enough.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Claudia roared, “He can help us beat the Sisters. With him we can’t die!”

“We can’t beat the Sisters. We can’t hurt them. The world belongs to them now. We lost, and I for one do not intend to stand by and fight a losing battle with them. I will pledge myself to their cause and live by their side and…” She didn’t finish. Claudia grabbed her Tesla and fired it at Francinia at close range on the highest setting. Her body convulsed and her eyes melted and she died. Claudia dropped the gun, shocked. Everyone was shocked.

“Claudia,” William stepped forward, “That is what we call temporary insanity.”
“I’m not like you though,” She turned, “I can’t just kill.”

“A good trait to have.” He paused, “But what happened happened. You will feel guilty for many years, but it will ease with time. Just like me.”
“What do you mean? You kill for fun.”
“No, I don’t. I kill when necessary or when it makes life easier. Every person who I have killed I remember. And every person who I have killed haunts me. But she would have killed us all so we could not fight the Sisters, and without me we could have done nothing about it. In killing her you saved us all.” He knelt by her body, pulling out Paul Tibbets’ Binoculars,” She would have used these. You saved our lives.”

Claudia still didn’t see it, “That doesn’t change the fact I killed without knowing her plan, so I didn’t realise I was helping us.”

“That does not change the fact that you saved our lives. Let’s go. We must stop the Sisters and save the world.”
Claudia nodded and turned. Everyone followed except Pete, who waited for William.

“You planted the Binoculars.” He said.

William nodded, “She’s not like me but I have made her that way. I had to make it easier.”
“Why did you have them?”
“Protection, but in the chaos I forgot to use them.”

“This stays between us.”
“Yeah, ‘course.”
“Thank you. But my influence on her is terrible. It is making her into something she’s not. I must fix it.”

“How?” They started walking.

“I don’t actually know. I might have to leave, never come back.”
“That would destroy her and you know it.”
“But I am destroying her. Isn’t that worse?” William rounded a corner and walked onwards on his own. He stopped, turned back and walked in the opposite direction, past Pete.

“20 miles of Warehouse and I find the one dead end!”

Pete chuckled and followed after him.

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