Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


16. |Chapter 12: Relight The Fires|


“What about the agents?”
“I will revive them as soon as we have revived the Warehouse,” William and Claudia reached the stairs and climbed, the metal making a loud clanging noise as their feet connected. They strolled into the office and found the door to The Umblicus open. The Sisters had left.

Claudia found Sargon The Great’s Mirrors and they walked out onto the balcony, approaching the zipline. Claudia fiddled with it for a moment and it moved, lining itself up with the door to The Eldunari Chamber.

“You prepared to jump?” She asked.

“I’d rather teleport to be honest.”
“We both could, but I haven’t used this for years.” Claudia pulled on her helmet and grabbed onto the zipline. She fastened herself in and gave William a thumbs up, pushing off.

“Race ya.” She said.

William disappeared and reappeared outside the entrance to the Chamber to await her arrival.


“Ok,” Claudia was approaching the Warehouse, she could see William, “I hate this bit. 3, 2, 1!” She unfastened the straps and plummeted towards William, who teleported out of the way. She hit the floor face first and groaned.

“I thought you’d catch me?”

“Nah, it was more fun this way,” He turned and looked at the doors to the Chamber, “Shall we?”

“We shall.” They both linked arms and took to the stairs.


In the Chamber there was a stream of flames all moving around the room like a tornado, swirling in a perfect circle of roaring flame.

“Ok, so what do we do?”
“Right, point your mirror at the flame and aim for one of the chambers at either side. If we successfully do it simultaneously my connection will renew and the light in the middle will come on. The symbols will move in harmony, the Warehouse will live and we will go revive some agents and beat some Sisters.”

“And if we don’t do it simultaneously?”
“Not too sure, but probably won’t be good.”
“Ah, understandable,” William handed Claudia a mirror, “Ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be. 3, 2, 1… now!”

They both spun their mirrors and the flames bounced off, hitting the two alcoves perfectly. The circle of fire disappeared and they waited.


And waited.


And waited.


Then the flame re-lit.


Claudia smiled, “I can feel the Warehouse again, I’m reconnected.”
“I’m surprised you don’t need to reconnect with the ribbon, how comes you just reconnect automatically?”
“I was never unconnected, just turned off. If you turn a toy’s switch off but leave the batteries in it will turn on as soon as you flick the switch again. Same principle.”
“Wow. It’s like I’ve been dragged back into a science lesson!” He shook his head, “Let’s go get the agents.”


They turned and walked back up the iron stairs, Claudia’s heals clipping against the metal.

“You like this ‘leather dress’ style?” he asked
“It’s professional clothes. I’m a professional person.”
“I’m sorry Claudia but I just wet myself.”
“Oh ha ha. Just ‘cause you prefer the punk rock style!”
“I do. I will openly admit that,” He paused, “It’s hotter.”
Claudia shook her head and emerged from the doors to the chamber.

“Right, I’ll meet you at the doors to the Eldunari.” She walked around the corner and was gone.

William looked around, shook his head and appeared outside the Eldunari.

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