Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


15. |Chapter 11: Symbols Of Destruction|


The Sisters looked at them with a genuine pity. William looked back with a genuine hatred. They were trapped.

“We will now destroy these symbols, disconnecting you, Miss. Donovan, from your Warehouse, and killing it.” She smiled and, without another word, turned and began wiping out symbols. All of them did it. One by one, forcing William and Claudia to watch. Making them suffer. Claudia convulsed in agony and William could do nothing. As the last symbol burned and the Warehouse died, he mimed to her, “I will fix this.”

She smiled and died, her body decomposing faster than it should until she was a husk on the floor. Dead, and William could do nothing.

The Sisters smiled and one of them flicked her hand, the Ribbons being removed. William leapt forward and hit a forcefield.

“These stones control the five elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Time. They will keep you in place, powered by the energy of the artefacts.”
With that, they disappeared. William sat in the circle of stones and his brain ticked over.


Powered by the energy of the artefacts.


William turned to Claudia. She was half in the forcefield, half out. The Neutro-Goo Water Pistol was in her left pocket. Her left side was in the forcefield.


And if they were powered by artefact energy, surely they’d neutralise.


William fumbled in her pockets and found what he was looking for. He turned and sprayed one rock, then the next, then the next. They fizzed and neutralised, and the invisible forcefield flashed with numerous different colours until it wasn’t there. William stood and walked out, smiling. He turned to Claudia and put his hand on her. Her skin healed slowly, her body reforming. Then her eyes opened and she breathed.

“I feel…different.”

“You’re not connected to the Warehouse. The Warehouse is dead. How do we reconnect you? How do we revive the Warehouse?”

“The Eldunari Chamber, we need to relight the fires.”


“The Mirrors Pete and Myka used. They’re in the office. We need to get them and reflect the fires back into the Chambers. The fires will relight, the symbols will return and my connection will reinstate.”

“What are we waiting for?"

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