Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


14. |Chapter 10: The Eldunari|


They reached the Eldunari without incident, Claudia’s night vision goggles a great aid in the inky blackness. William was armed up to his teeth. In one hand he held his Tesla-Shotgun and in the other his normal, everyday Tesla. In his belt strap he had jammed a Mini-Tesla and in his holster was his gun. He also had, concealed in his jacket, Al Capone’s Machine Guns. No one else had gone quite that far, they all carried one, normal, everyday Tesla. All except Claudia, who had a Tesla-Grenade. They felt well prepared.

At the door to the Eldunari stood the first sister. Her hand flexed, she was feeling the air. Claudia held up her hand and everybody stopped moving, stopped breathing. But it was no use. The Sister screeched like a dying banshee and charged at them. Maddicks moved first, firing his Tesla to seemingly no effect. The Sister pushed the air and he went flying, landing on his head, his neck breaking upon impact. William winced but the agents stayed concealed, now exceptionally worried. After taking a few deep breaths William moved out, firing his Tesla-Shotgun at the Sister. She bent the air, creating a makeshift forcefield around herself. William cursed and dropped the gun. She grabbed the air and pulled him towards her, kissing him. Some sort of blue energy rushed out of William and she absorbed it, a new light in her eyes. A new evil.

“Right,” Claudia said, “That’s it!” She jumped up and threw the Tesla-Grenade. William kicked the Sister in the chest and she screeched again, falling backwards into a heap. William removed his jacket as the grenade exploded, the material reflecting the energy off him. She was down, caught by surprise by the blast of energy. William moved in and cuffed her, the Pirate’s Chains permanently binding her. They were the strongest chains in existence, unbreakable.

He stood, “Right, let’s go!”

They moved on and reached the door, but two of the Sisters came out this time, one sending a fireball straight into Jack, burning a hole in his chest. William cursed and pulled out Al Capone’s Machine Guns, firing an insane amount of bullets straight at the two Sisters. One of them turned to stone, the bullets chipping her slightly but bouncing off, one of them cementing itself deep into Steve’s head. He fell. The other sister melted the bullets in the air, turning them to scalding, dripping metal. The Stone Sister changed back and swung a rock fist into Pete. He was dead on impact, the blow shattering his skull. Suddenly, Francinia set alight, her body burning, her screams agonizing. William, Claudia, Artie and Myka turned to run, but there, behind them, stood another Sister.


The Sister of air.


She had escaped the bindings. She grabbed Artie with a hand made of the air around them and lifted him up into the rafters before dropping him from the great height. William teleported up, caught him, and reappeared on the floor.

“We need to drive them back to the Eldunari!” Myka screamed. Then a torrent of water poured out of her mouth and she choked, drowning. The forth Sister joined the line, the complete unity of the four Sisters.


Then a fifth appeared. Her hands crackled with electricity.

“I am the Sister of time,” She said, “We now, with my help, control the past, the present, and the future. Thank you for the Delorean William. The energy was delicious. You really shouldn’t use it that much.”

Artie stood and stared at them, “William is immortal, Claudia is the Caretaker, you can’t kill them.”
“But I can kill you, Arthur Neilsen.” The Sister of Stone stepped forward, “Quickly if you wish.” She fired two stone daggers from her hands and they struck Artie in the chest.

“I’ll save you,” William whispered, “I’ll save them all.”

With that, he spun the machine guns and began firing again, pushing them back into the Eldunari. The Sisters squealed. One melted the bullets, one turned to stone to block them, one disappeared them from time, one pushed them back with an ocean wave.

But the other just took it. The Sister of Air was hit with the bullets. And healed.


Claudia and William kept moving, pushing them further back with the endless stream of ammunition. As soon as they stepped in the Eldunari they were trapped.


The Ribbons of Hathor fell.


They dropped the guns.


And they helplessly dropped to their knees.

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