Warehouse 13: Darkblood

|My entry for the Battle Of The Fandoms Competition: Films & TV Section|


30. Artefacts Featured in Warehouse 13: Darkblood


The Pompeii Amphora: Amphora that spews a seemingly endless stream of lava. Owned by a merchant that survived the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.


Posiedon's Trident: Trident of the Greek sea god. Allows a person to create storms and tsunamis when stuck into the seabed and makes the user able to breathe underwater.*


Medusa's Headress: Infests the wearer with the spirit of Medusa, making anyone who locks eyes with her turn to stone.*


Sargon The Great's Mirrors: 4000 year old mirrors used by the Acadian ruler to reflect sunlight and blind enemies in battle. Also used by Myka and Artie in the episode Endless Terror to reflect the fires back into the alcoves of the Eldunari Chamber.


Stig Severinsen's Goggles: Stig Severinsen currently holds the world record for holding his breath underwater. The goggles allow the wearer to breathe underwater for 22 minutes, like Severinsen, however the downside makes someone who wears them longer than 22 minutes unable to breathe for the same amount of time they had them on.*


Lloyd Wright's Pick-Up Sticks: Pick-up sticks used to build a frame however the user needs it. Created after Lloyd Wright watched his father build things and used the pick-up sticks in an attempt to re-create his structures. In the episode The 40th Floor Artie uses them to try to escape a crumbling building, but they fall after being infected with the same rot the building suffers. They separated from the rotten pieces to preserve the rest. 


Tiberinus Silvius’ Candle: Candle owned by the former Latin King Of Rome who drowned in the river Tiber. Anyone who touches the melted wax suffocates and no one notices until the Candle is neutralised.*


Adolphe Chaillet's "Shelby" Bulbs: Light bulbs produced by the Shelby Electric Company used in the Warehouse. They never burn out. The Shelby Company produced the world famous Centennial Light which was donated to the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department, in Livermore, California, in 1901. They have burned almost continuously to this day. Claudia was sure one was burning out in the Season 1 episode Regrets, and nearly brought the Warehouse down by using Volta’s Lab Coat.


Al Capone's Machine Guns: Fires a violent wave of bullets.


Pirate's Chains: Unbreakable binds used by Pirates to bind hostages.*


The Delorean: Car from Back To The Future adapted by Claudia Donovan. Can travel time.*


The Ribbons Of Hathor: Binds used by the ancient Egyptians in Mythology. Unbreakable unless neutralises, they cannot be cut. *


Paul Tibbets' Binoculars: Binoculars used by Paul Tibbets’ as he dropped the Little Boy bomb on Hiroshima. After watching the blast the binoculars absorbed the force of it. When you look through them and adjust the focus the person you are looking at.  turns to dust like the people of Hiroshima.


Scotty's Transporter System: Transporter system from Star Trek. Only a small part of the prop. Transports you to anywhere.*


Edgar Allen Poe's Quill Pen And Notebook: Anything written on this paper by this pen becomes real, however if the pen and notebook are separated, the writer is driven insane.


Louis XIV's Silverware Forks: Forks used by Louis XIV imbued with the power to keep all of his court in the Palace Of Versailles when it experienced timeslips. Keeps people alive in a timeline in which they wouldn’t have existed. Used in the season 5 episode Endless Terror to keep the Warehouse agents in existence when Paracelsus changed time.


The Tracker Football: Football that orbits the Earth, detecting artefact activity and alerting the Warehouse with a ping. When needed it comes out of orbit and is opened and used as a computer to locate specific artefacts around the world.


The Caretaker Ribbon: Ribbon that connects and disconnects Caretaker’s from the Warehouse.


Stick Grenade From The Fuhrerbunker: Stick grenade used by Adolf Hitler to blow up his bunker after his suicide. Explodes twice.


Brick From The Berlin Wall: Builds a wall around a particular person. Does not cancel out artefact energy so cannot be used to fence in an artefact.


John A. Macready's Sunglasses: Sunglasses owned by American fighter pilots, particularly John A. Macready. The pilots complained about the sun being in their eyes so these glasses were designed. They eventually became fashionable. The glasses bend the light around the wearer, making them invisible, however once removed the wearer will be invisible for twice as long as they wore the glasses.


Sylvia Plath's Typewriter: Typewriter belonging once to the author/poet Sylvia Plath. After her divorce she moved to London, which had the coldest winter for 100 years. Her children got sick, the pipes froze, she had no telephone. She was thrown into a spiralling depression, and still had to type her poems. Eventually, she was discovered dead after committing suicide and the typewriter absorbed the depression. It is stored in the Dark Vault and has a sphere of influence even when contained in the neutralizer field. Anyone stepping in the sphere of influence will lose the will to live so will not move out of the sphere and the typewriter will suck the life out of them. In season 1, episode 10: Breakdown, Pete was caught in the sphere and had to be pushed out with a brush.


Honjo Masamune: Supposedly the sharpest sword every created. It is a ritually forged ancient Japanese Katana blade so perfectly balanced it splits light when held directly upwards, rendering the wielder invisible


Alfred Dreyfus' Sword Hilt: Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to a prison where the only escape was a nine mile swim across the sea. When he was convicted his sword was broken and it was imbued with the power to drown people out of water who were being untruthful. It is activated when shone in someone’s eye and the next time they lie they will drown.


Philosopher's Stone: Stone that was created by Paracelsus when he was Caretaker of Warehouse 9. It has the power to turn metal into gold and even life into death. Once the Copper Bowls of Life and Death had attached Paracelsus to someone’s life tether, he heated the Stone until it gave off a gas, which he inhaled. He became immortal and the 200 people whose life tether he attached himself to died. He used 600 people as a test to Make his brother, Bennet Sutton, immortal, along with his wife and Child, Charlotte Dupres and Nick Powell.

The stone has a second ability. When used on a Caretaker near the Eldunari their power is greatly increased, allowing them to control every nut and bolt in the Warehouse with just a thought.


Wood From The Great Fire Of London: Wood that survived the Great Fire Of London. It sets alight to whatever place someone hates the most when held. *


*Invented by me and never featured in the TV Series

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