The Forsaken


1. Prologue: The Mouse and the Beast of the Night Sky


Prologue: The Mouse and the Beast of the Night Sky



The Mouse was one of the Day’s most beloved children, small and unimportant she might be. But the Mouse was too curious about the other side of the Sun and the dark lands that lie beyond. One day her curiosity got the best of her and she decided to venture out and left the warmth of the daylight. The Mouse found many new exciting things in the night… dark things, beautiful things, and terrifying things.


As innocent and pure she was, she attracted the attention of the Beast of the Night Sky. The Night Sky is a lot of things and is home to many fearsome creatures. One of them found her, and at first the poor Mouse was terrified of the scary-looking Beast. But the Beast did not attack her. Instead, he played with the Mouse.


The Mouse was overjoyed to have made such a wonderful new friend and thus the two of them played together for many days and many nights. The Day Light became aware of the Mouse’s absence and begged the Beast to give her back. The Beast said he would give her back after 40 days and 40 nights and this placated the Day.


But when it was time for the Day Light to take her back, the Beast changed his mind and he said “No”. The Beast could not bear to be separated from his beloved Mouse. The Beast kept her for an eternity and thus the Day wept. The tears of the Day Light became a river of fire that flowed for 22 years.


The Mouse then became nocturnal, a child of the Night Sky and would never again feel the warmth of the rays of the morning sun. Due to the Beast’s love and the powers granted to her by the Night, she became the beautiful Maiden of the Stars. She now runs happily throughout the Night Sky with her faithful Beast always by her side, forever.



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