To A Familiar Stranger

//For Writing The Greats Competition// When you 'reunite' with someone now a stranger. //Rewritten 'To A Stranger' by Walt Whitman//


2. Rewritten Poem

To A Familiar Stranger

By Mercury Chap

PASSING stranger! you do not know (nor do I) when my longing gaze

Falls on your familiar face,

The moment destiny beckoned to shift my eyes,

Away from the pixel land

Of the tiny device in my hand,

To focus on you, the rest of the real world a blur in my vision

You are he I was seeking or she I was seeking, (if not in reality,

But always have been in ‘virtuality’)

For you’ve been gone away for decades,

Back then, somewhere, I certainly lived a life of joy with you

(One that ceased to exist with our growing age of time)

A flashback like a series of moving pictures,

As we passed by each other, hurried, slowed, familiar, strange,

You were four with me, were a boy with me or a girl with me,

I played with you the hide and seek and learned with you the ABCs, your earliest curiosities has not become yours only nor left my curiosities mine only,

You give me a sufficient glimpse of your matured eyes, face, flesh, as we pass, you take my beard, breast, hands in return,

I don’t say a word to you, for the time gone by devoid of ‘us’ is too great a void to fill now,

I think of you when I feel the loneliness dawn on me,

I think of you when I’m surrounded by our memorable pictures at night,

I’ll have to wait, I do not doubt we’ll meet again,

And when we do, I'll see to it that I don’t lose you

All over again. 

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