16 and Pregnant

Michael Clifford was the normal Bad boy, He ruled West brook high, He was always failing, And he was the leader of a gang.One day the teacher decides Michael Clifford needed a tutor, None other than Mariana Williams.She thinks his life is so perfect but does she get to know his bad side? Find out in 'Every Bad Boy needs a Good Girl'! **Entered in the battle of the fandoms**


1. Prolouge


"Mariana"Mrs.Willis called on me.

"Um the answer is X - Y"I said.

"Correct"She smiled then wrote it on the board.

The bell rang.Everyone packed up and got up.

"Mariana and Michael stay"She said.

I sat down and so did Clifford.

"Now Michael we know you have been failing mostly all of your classes So we decided to hire you a tutor"She smiled.

"So he can have sex with her too?"I mumbled.

"Mariana will be your new tutor".

"What!?!"We both yelled.

"Yes Mariana will be your tutor and if you do this Mariana you have a better chance into getting into NYU".

I huffed."Fine".

I can't believe i have to tutor this idiot...

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