16 and Pregnant

Michael Clifford was the normal Bad boy, He ruled West brook high, He was always failing, And he was the leader of a gang.One day the teacher decides Michael Clifford needed a tutor, None other than Mariana Williams.She thinks his life is so perfect but does she get to know his bad side? Find out in 'Every Bad Boy needs a Good Girl'! **Entered in the battle of the fandoms**


15. Month 8

~~Month 8~~

"Hey"I said as Michael popped up on the screen.

"Hi baby"He said.

"How's the tour?"I asked.

"Good, Um...I have some bad news...".

"What?"I smiled.

"Dammit this is hard...Um...Well they decided to...Extend the tour by a couple of weeks".

"T-They what, Who did?".

"Our Manager...Please don't be mad".

"You know what? If you want to go on tour, Then go because i can't deal with this, I can't have you going on tour every time your manager wants you too, You don't have to take care of him, It's my baby and i can do what i want"I said then hung up.


What the fuck? Did she just break up with me? I pulled out the necklace and threw it on the ground, smashing the little diamond in it.

"Fuck!"I yelled.

"Yo What's wrong?"Luke asked, Walking in.

"Mariana broke up with me".

"What why?".

"Because I told her we are going on tour for a couple more weeks and she got really mad and said that She can't do it alone and how she can't have me going on tour all the time".

"Well...Maybe it's for the best because You don't need a baby now".

"Maybe i want one, I want to be in his life, I want to be in Mariana's Life now that i got to know her, She's an amazing girl".

"Go after her".

"I-I can't"I cried.

"Why not?".

"Because She doesn't want anything to do with me".

"Michael...When a woman says she doesn't want anything to do with you, It mean that she needs you".

"Well that's what you might think but...I'll respect that she needs space".

I got up and walked out.I don't think she needs space though...

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