16 and Pregnant

Michael Clifford was the normal Bad boy, He ruled West brook high, He was always failing, And he was the leader of a gang.One day the teacher decides Michael Clifford needed a tutor, None other than Mariana Williams.She thinks his life is so perfect but does she get to know his bad side? Find out in 'Every Bad Boy needs a Good Girl'! **Entered in the battle of the fandoms**


10. Month 3

~~Month 3~~

The bell rang.Summer, Finally.We all got up and started packing up.

"Mariana, Michael, Can you stay?".

We looked and each other and sat back down.My heart started racing.Everyone left and Timothy closed the door.

"Now I've noticed Mariana that you've been gaining weight"He said.

Harsh...Does he know though?

"Hey!"Michael said, taking offence.

"Sorry to offend your girlfriend but...I have noticed that your stomach has been growing a bit".

My breath was trembling.Michael took my hand and squeezed it.I played with my ring on my other hand.

"So?"I asked.

"So..."He said.

"So I'm a pregnant Teenager that got knocked up just for one mistake in the bathroom".

Michael squeezed my hand harder.

"Ow!"I said.

"Sorry"He let go.

"So I'm guessing you're the father and you knocked her up in the school bathroom when i told you to go after her".

"W-Well i wouldn't use the term Knocked up really, i would use procreate"Michael said.

"Okay, You can go, I'll be coming by your place later to talk to your moms, Mariana".

"Fine but they already know now if you excuse me i have a very important doctors appointment"i said then left.

* * *

I lifted up my shirt, showing my belly.Doctor Faith ran some tests and she smiled.

"Would you like to know the gender or be surprised?"She asked.

I looked up at Michael and he bent down.

"What do you want?"He asked.

"I want to know if you want to"I said.

"Um...Yeah we want to know"He told her.

"Well Congratulations you're having a Boy!"She said.

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