16 and Pregnant

Michael Clifford was the normal Bad boy, He ruled West brook high, He was always failing, And he was the leader of a gang.One day the teacher decides Michael Clifford needed a tutor, None other than Mariana Williams.She thinks his life is so perfect but does she get to know his bad side? Find out in 'Every Bad Boy needs a Good Girl'! **Entered in the battle of the fandoms**


2. Kill.Me.Now


"So when do we start?"Michael asked coming up to my locker.

"Around 8"I said.

"Wait no i can't, That's going to be in the middle of my band practice"

"Well leave early"I shut my locker then walked out of school.

Did i really just tell off Michael? The Michael Clifford? He's probably going to send his idiot girlfriend on me, Aubrey White, She is the most stupidest girl in our grade, i can't believe she even made it this far, i don't even think she's going to graduate next month.

"Mariana!"Someone yelled.

I turned around to see my twin brother, Jesus.He ran up to me.

"What are you doing, You never walk with me"I asked.

"Well Lisa's not here today so i can't walk with her".

"Ah I see".

We walked to our house.We entered the house and My mom, Grace, came to us.

"Hi How was school?"She asked.

"Good"We both said.

"Your mom is stuck with police business so she'll be home late"She said.


We walked upstairs and to our separate rooms.I closed the door and took out my books.I should probably wait until Michael get's here.Wait he doesn't even know where i live.I took out my computer and went on Gmail.I texted him my address.I walked downstairs and to my mom.I know having two moms might freak people out but it's actually normal.

"Um is it okay if this guy comes over, Mrs.Willis said if i tutored him that it would help me get into NYU".

"Yes what time will this young man be coming?".

"Around 8".

"Okay but you have to study down here until your mom gets home".

"Okay"I ran back upstairs.

* * *


The door bell rang.My other mother, Hazel got it.I walked downstairs.

"Hi, I'm Michael, I'm here for Mariana?"He asked.

"Hi I'm Hazel her mom, Why don't you wait at the table?"She asked.

He came in and sat down.I went back upstairs and grabbed my bag and laptop then went back downstairs.I walked to the table.

"Hey Michael"I said.

"Hey"He smiled.

"Okay if you plan on going upstairs you will need an adult up there too"She said.

"Yeah i know"I groaned.

"Okay so do you need anything? Snacks?, Juice?, Condoms?"

"Mom!"I yelled.

"Okay i'm going"She went in the living room.

Michael laughed.I sat down next to him.

"Sorry about her" .

"Sorry? I like her! She's funny"He laughed.

"Well, Let me see your report card"

He grabbed to out of his bag.He made D's in every class except Gym and Science.I took out all my books, Starting with math.

"Okay, get out your homework".

He got out his homework and we started doing it together.

"Okay so it X is Y then what does X + Y Equal?"I asked.


"That's X times Y".

"Oh then it's 14".

"That's correct".

"Let's go up to your room, I feel weird up down here with adults breathing down my neck"He said.

We walked upstairs.Grace was there.We walked into my room.He looked around and his eyes landed on my skateboard.

"You Board?"He asked.

"Yeah a little, Not that much anymore".

"Do you want to go riding?".

"No, We have to finish"I stated.

"fine After we finish".


* * * 

I grabbed onto the wall as i skated.

"Let go of the wall, You can hold onto me"He said.

"I am not letting go of this wall!"I said playfully.

He grabbed onto my waist and tried to pull me away.



He got in front of me.

"Come on".

I Wrapped my arms around his neck, tight.He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Okay we're going to move"He laughed.

I looked over at my feet.We started moving.A flash went off.We looked over and saw someone i didn't know. He had blonde hair with a bandana.Michael laughed.

"Dude, Ash put the camera away".

"Who is this lovely lady?"He asked.

"This is Mariana, She's my tutor".

"She's tutoring you in what?, How to bust a nut?".

I stood there in shock.Did he just say that?

"What honey, You shocked i said that, Yeah a lot of people are".

"Ash, she tutors me for school, It's helping her get into NYU but we finished our lesson and now i'm teaching her how to skate".

"That's not what this picture proves, Great headline for the newspaper!"He smiled then skipped off.

"Great"I mumbled.

"Yeah, Now everyone's going to think i'm with a freak like you"He mumbled.

"Excuse me!?!?"I said taking offence.

"What did you burp or something?".

"I am not a freak!".

"Oh yes you are, My whole crew thinks you are, so everyone thinks you are".

"Great Just the frosting to the cake!"

* * *

"It's hot here"I complained as i sat on his bed.

"Then take off that stupid sweatshirt".

"Do not diss Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph like that!"

"Take off the sweatshirt"He scoffed.

I took off the sweatshirt revealing a grey crop top and my piercings i had a while back, I totally forgot about them.He looked at my stomach and chuckled.

"You're the good girl, You're not suppose to have piercings".

"I got them a while ago"I said.

"You were bad?"He asked in shock.

"Yeah I also got a tattoo".

He jaw dropped.

"A small one"I showed him the one on my finger.

"Hey It's 10 i'll drop you off"He said.

Why was he acting so nice? I liked this side, Where he's not being such a complete Dick.

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