16 and Pregnant

Michael Clifford was the normal Bad boy, He ruled West brook high, He was always failing, And he was the leader of a gang.One day the teacher decides Michael Clifford needed a tutor, None other than Mariana Williams.She thinks his life is so perfect but does she get to know his bad side? Find out in 'Every Bad Boy needs a Good Girl'! **Entered in the battle of the fandoms**


20. Happily Ever After

S I X   M O N T H S   L A T E R

"Why Thank you kind Sir"I said as he handed me coffee.

"Happy Birthday Baby"Michael said then kissed me.

"So today Taylor is being dropped off at daycare and I am spending the day with you"He said as he sat in our bed.

Michael and I got a apartment together two months after Taylor was born.

"We haven't had sex in like four months and i'm kinda horny just talking to you, Also we have to go food shopping because we have no food".

"Because Luke ate it all and we will have sex later"I said laughing.

I took a sip of my coffee.I felt something go into my mouth.I took it out.It was a diamond ring.

"Michael what's this?"I asked nervously.

He took it from me and bowed on one knee on the bed.

"Mariana Williams, Will you marry me?".

* * *


I tied Taylor's shoes and picked him up.I looked at the ring on my finger.I can't believe The Michael Clifford asked me to marry him.

"Like it?"I heard Michael ask.

I looked at him.

"I love it"I smiled.

"Good"He said.

I giggled.

"You're cute"He said as he came over.

He kissed my cheek and sat on our bed. 

"Michael we have to drop him off"I said.

"Oh right!"He got up.

He grabbed Taylor's bag and we walked out the apartment.He locked the door behind him and we walked downstairs.We walked up to the car.I put Taylor in his car seat and got in.We drove to the daycare center.We got there we parked and we got out.We walked into the place.

"Hey Taylor"Ruby, The owner said.

Taylor waved.Ruby smiled.I handed her Taylor and Michael gave her his bag.

"So The usual?"She asked.

"Yeah We'll pick him up around 2"Michael said.

"Okay, Have a great day!".

"You too"I said.

We walked out and back in the car.We drove to the apartment.We got out and went upstairs.We opened the door.Michael locked it behind us.He spun me around and kissed me.I kissed back.He lifted me up and put my against the wall.I pulled away.

"You have condoms right?"I asked.

"Yeah, Don't want you to end up like last year, 16 and Pregnant".


Hey Guys!!!

I know what a shitty way to end the book but i'm sorryyyy!!!!

That was the end of the book, There will be a sequel! I will make a chapter when that is out, Go follow me to get a notification about it and yeah. See you next time!!

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