16 and Pregnant

Michael Clifford was the normal Bad boy, He ruled West brook high, He was always failing, And he was the leader of a gang.One day the teacher decides Michael Clifford needed a tutor, None other than Mariana Williams.She thinks his life is so perfect but does she get to know his bad side? Find out in 'Every Bad Boy needs a Good Girl'! **Entered in the battle of the fandoms**


5. Condoms?


I walked out of the stall and fixed my hair.

"Mariana you good?"I asked walking into the stall.

"Yeah, But My legs hurt"She said.

"Were you a virgin, Before we had sex?".

"No, Why?".

My mouth dropped.

"The good girl is not a virgin?".

"No, I've had sex before, Did you forget? I was bad, Duh!".

I laughed.She was so cute.

"You still have to tutor me tonight"I smiled.

"If my moms found out i had sex with you they're going to kill me".


"Yeah Grace and Hazel".

"Oh Grace the vice-".

"Yeah That's the one".

* * *

"Ready?"I asked, Mixing the Dye.

"Ready"She smiled.

I put the dyed in her hair and she shivered.

"It's cold sweetheart"I laughed.

"I'm not your sweetheart, It was a one time thing".

"Keep telling yourself that"I laughed.

"Um Okay Wow, Just because we-"She started but her mom walked in.

"We study a lot doesn't mean we can't be friends"I said, Saving her.

She turned and saw Grace.Mariana smiled awkwardly.

"So you dying her hair?"She asked.

"Um yeah, She asked me to".

"But I love her brown hair".

"Mom, It's my hair, I can do what i want to do with it"Mariana groaned.

"Okay fine, But don't close this door"She walked off.

"If only she knew how many doors we closed"I snickered.

Mariana giggled and blushed a little.I smiled.I miss her brown hair, But dying it makes her look so much sexier.I finished up and took my gloves off.I put a plastic bag over her hair.A hour later we went back into the bathroom and i washed it out. 

* * *

"i like your hair like that"I smiled as she sat on her bed wearing Pj's.

"Thanks, You can stay here if you want".

"I wouldn't want to intrude"I said getting up.

"Oh it's fine, Please stay".

"Okay"I smiled.

I set up a little sleeping bag on the floor and got in.She turned off the light.

"Night"She said.


Soon after that i fell asleep on Mariana's floor.

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