The Unseen Love

When Ashlynn's best friend, Evan Falls, died, she was devastated. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and wouldn't talked to anyone but cry. But that was 3 years ago. Ashlynn now moved on and was going to celebrate her 18th birthday. But when it was her birthday, she didn't expected to meet someone she thought was long gone. Evan. But he wasn't alive... he's a ghost. As the expected love untangle, Ashlynn may fallen hard for her DEAD best friend...


4. The last 5 years= The Death


October 27th 2013

After the talk with Evan on my birthday, we never talked to each other again. For the first week, I guess that he was not ready to talked to me yet despited that it will be awkward but he will someday. But as I waited for 4 more days, I had enough. So when I saw him leaving his house to go to school, I followed him and tried to make a conversation with him but he... ignored me! He literally ignored me! And then he walked away, like I wasn't even there. 

But what bothered me the most was that he usually hung out with me the most at school so it came out as a surprised when he hung out with the 'jock and cheerleader group' instead. Which he totally knew that I hated them! The jocks are a show off and bossy while the cheerleaders are full of themselves and wore flashy clothes, like a skirt that almost show their underwear. But I must admitted, Evan could be in that group since he was very good at sports, especially football.

I tried to talked to him about 5 times already but he still ignored me. The fifth and the last time was when I seriously HAD enough, I marched up to him and asked what was wrong with him and why he is ignoring me when we are already cool. But, as usually, he ignored me with this emotionless face.

So it had been 3 month already and I must say, I had almost forgot about him. Except for that one time, I was kind of stalking him when he entered his house with a girl around his age. But I was relieved when I found out that she was his mom's sister step-daughter. But when his birthday was in three days, I started to think about him and what should I buy for him and was he celebrating for his birthday. 

As I came back from school, I started to brainstorm of what I should buy him and a conversation that he would probably NOT ignored me. What seemed like forever, I decided to buy him his favourite rock band CD which was just released a few days ago. And the conversation was that I saw a kid who almost went through the house where it leaded to our secret place, and it was not a lie. And on thing for sure, he can not ignored me. It was already dinnertime when I finished the ideas so I went down and ate the most delicious pasta with tomato and basil. 

It was already 10pm so I decided to sleep since I had school tomorrow. But I was woke up about 11pm and a half when I heard loud voices from downstairs. It was my parents voices and... Mr. and Mrs. Falls' voices. What are they doing here this late? Oh well, it won't hurt to find out.

"What's going on?" I said, pretending to be sleepy when seriously, I was fully awake. I saw that they were sitting on the table, looking uneasy and worried, especially Mr. and Mrs. Falls. "Oh, nothin dear. Just that..." My mom said kindly, "Do you know where is Evan?" 

"Evan?" I asked then shook my head in confusion, "Why?"

Mrs. Falls was chewing her finger, which she only does it when she was very worried, "Evan hadn't come home yet, he said that he will be attending a party and will come home about 9pm. But he won't answer any of our calls and no one seem to know where he is... I knew I shouldn't let him go, he's only 15!" She looked like she was going to cry. 

What seemed like forever, Mr. Falls stood up. "I-I guess we should be going now..." He said then gestured his wife to followed him. With a sniff, Mrs. Falls stood up and was going to exited the door when her phone rang. "Hello?" She whimpered. I couldn't hear what the person talking to her said but Mrs. Falls was very still. Then she cried. She knee was trembling so much that she fell into the ground. With shock, Mr. Falls, my parents and I quickly ran to her and asked what was wrong. "E-Evan... h-he's at the... H-HOSPITAL!" Mrs. Falls screamed, sending tears everywhere. 

"What?!" All of us shouted in disbelief. Mr. Falls snatched his wife's phone and shouted, "What happen to him? Will he be alright?"

Mr. Falls had put the phone in speaker so we can hear what the person said, "Evan Falls had sadly been hit by a bus. The people who witnessed the incident said that he was drunk. The bus hit his head quite hard, making his head bleed everywhere and caused him to break his left arm and right leg. It will be better to explain if you and your wife come here as soon as possible..." Before the person could say anything else, Mr. Falls said he'll be there then ended the call. "Come on now Hayley. We got to go." Mr. Falls muttered, trying to looked strong but I can see he was in pain. Then he looked at me, who was in tears, and my parents, "You guys can come too."

So now, my parents and I was sitting in the hospital seat, trying to comforting me. "He will be all right dear," My mom kept saying that while she patted my hair softly. But even in her voice, there was unsureness. I cried even more, not caring if my face looked horrible.

Evan's parents were talking to the doctor inside of Evan's room. Since it was family relatives only, we can't go in. After a loads of crying, I drifted to sleep...


I woke up in my own, turquoise bed, the sun shining on my face. I yawned slowly and looked at my phone. 7am. Early as always. I looked at my bed one more time, thinking I was missing something impor- OH MY GOD, EVAN'S IN THE HOSPITAL. I screamed then ran downstairs, which I suddenly found my mom talking on her phone. "Mmm... thanks Mrs. Walker. Goodbye, have a nice day," My mom looked alarmed when she saw me with a horrified expression.

"Just shake your head or nod your head, okay? Evan is in hospital. Is it a dream?" I asked my mom, hoping she would nodded her head but, she shook her head sadly. I growled in pain then cried all over again. "W-Why? It's not fair! His birthday i-is in 2 days but he need to spend it in the hospital!" I shouted angrily. My mom didn't said anything, instead, she just come and hugged me. After 1 minute past, she spoke, "I just spoke to your principle, saying that you can't come to school because you're sick. But instead of being sick, you will go to the hospital to visit Evan. Okay? He's not awake yet, the doctor said that it will be unlikely for him... to survive. But hey," My mom grabbed my hand when she saw tears spilling down my cheek when she mentioned the chance of him to survive. "God is watching him, okay? He will survive. He's still alive, that meant that we still have hope. Come on now Ashlynn, go shower and get dress. We're leaving in 30 minutes."


​The ride was quiet, which was unusually because my mom would be the first one to say something and it would turned into a conversation. But since she knew I was worried, she won't bother. 

​When we reached the hospital and before my mom could find the perfect parking lot, I ran as fast as my leg can run, hearing my mom shouting, "Ashlynn, wait!" But I didn't care, the only thing that was in my mind was Evan. The nurses, doctors and patients was looking at me like I just escaped from the zoo or something. But again, I didn't care but I started to cared when I don't know where is he. So with frustration, I asked the counter. "Evan Falls? Let's see..." The woman who worked at the counter started to typed something in the computer and said, "5 Floor, room 513-" And then, I took off running again. 

When I reached his room, I saw a doctor exited his door. "Doctor, is E-Evan Falls i-in there?" I asked then took a deep breath, clearly tired from running. The doctor didn't looked at me like a creep, instead, he smiled and said, "Yes. Do you want to visit him? Visitor hour is still on," I felt like firework shooting out of my body, "Yes!" I cried. 

"Okay, but remember, he hadn't woke up yet but we think that he can hear you," The doctor explained then opened the door, "Okay, you may enter, you have about 10 minutes." As I entered the room, the door suddenly closed, leaving me alone with Evan.

I almost cried when I saw Evan. He looked absolutely horrible! There was plaster all over his head, left arm and right leg. There was this thingy on his mouth and nose to breath. His face looked absolutely pale and not tan, his body looked weak but the one thing that isn't different was his golden hair. 

As I sat next to him, looking into his closed eyes, I kept wondering that would happened if we didn't kissed. "He probably won't be in the hospital..." I whispered then my voice cracked. N-No, this isn't my fault, right? How can I know when he's going to be in the hospital? I needed to be strong. For him.

'H-Hey Evan? I don't know if you could hear me... but... I'm sorry." I spoke to him, tiny tears steaming down my cheek, "I'm sorry for... everything I guess. I don't even know why I'm saying sorry, I just... I just need to say it. I hope you're okay and you will wake up soon. It'll be a shame to celebrate your birthday in a hospital right?" I laughed uncomfortably but still continue.

"I have already decided what to buy you. The new track of your favourite band! It was released a few days ago. I finally have the amount of money to buy it already. I know it's expensive, but... it's worth it. So are you. So please, wake up. For your parents, your new friends, even though I seriously don't approve those jocks and sluts. And well, me. Just try, okay?" Before I could stopped myself, I leaned closer to him and with all of my strength, I softly kissed his forehead.

Author's Note: If you believe in happy endings, I suggested you to stop reading the next paragraphs and continue reading the next chapter. But hey, I never said this story will end with a terrible ending.

Evan Falls died at the 28th October 2013, 9:45am. That event was the most terrible event I had ever been in. When you lose someone you care so much, it felt like you lose yourself too. My heart had shattered into pieces when the doctor told him he died before his parents could even talked to him. Mrs. Falls screamed in horror and cried her heart out while Mr. Falls covered his face with his hand, quietly crying in pain. My mom cried a little and my dad looked heartbroken. And, I, well, I didn't cried. It seemed like I cried so much, there isn't anymore tears left in my body. Instead, I fainted. But I soon woke up about 15 minutes later. But sadly, Evan didn't. He never did.

The funeral was set the next two weeks. More people had arrived more than I expected. Most of them were his family and his parents' friend. Ruby and Claire were there too, trying their best to supported me. I cried though, when I thought I can't cry ever again. And I know that cry can never stopped. Some of the jocks and cheerleader came too, which made me very angry but I didn't to anything. One of the cheerleader came up to me and put on her fake smile, saying she was sorry for my loss. But when she leave, I overheard she talked with her cheerleaders friend, saying, "Sorry for your loss... yuck! He's dead, so what?" I was so angry that I could slap her pretty little face, but I don't have enough power to do it.

When the speech had started, the first person was Evan's mom. As she spoke, which she tried to say fun stuff about him but it doesn't work because she kept crying non-stop, I looked around the crowd. Everyone was frowning, some were crying. A few minutes later, I stopped crying but only for 5 minutes and started crying again. This isn't working, nothing ever will. I was broken. I was shattered. I was stabbed. And no one can fixed that. Except Evan. But he's not here...

I never thought I'll say this but... now...




And I'll always will...


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