The Unseen Love

When Ashlynn's best friend, Evan Falls, died, she was devastated. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and wouldn't talked to anyone but cry. But that was 3 years ago. Ashlynn now moved on and was going to celebrate her 18th birthday. But when it was her birthday, she didn't expected to meet someone she thought was long gone. Evan. But he wasn't alive... he's a ghost. As the expected love untangle, Ashlynn may fallen hard for her DEAD best friend...


2. The last 5 years Part 2

June 25th 2013

Today's my birthday. I jumped out of bed like a rabbit and danced around like a maniac. I excitedly looked at my alarm clock, which said 7:30am. It was early, but who cared? It was my birthday!

When I showered, brushed my teeth and get dressed, I ran downstairs to the kitchen where I found my parents eating their Saturday breakfast. "Happy Birthday Ashlynn, you're finally 15!" My mom shouted happily and ran and tightly hugged me, "You're all grown up!" I laughed quietly then patted my mom's back. "I'm still your little girl mom," I said.

"I know..." My mom said then offered me to sit down.

As I sat down, my dad mouthed 'Happy Birthday' and gave me a big smile. I smiled back as my mom placed down my birthday breakfast. It was pancakes with my mom's special sauce, strawberry and sprinkles. It had always been my birthday breakfast. 

​As I grumbled all of the food finished, my dad asked, "Are you having any plans for your birthday?" I shook my head. I hadn't planned my birthday since I don't felt like planning this year. Last year party was crazy. It was celebrated at my house, which included dangerous firework and food fight. "We will never have this kind of party at our house ever again!" My mom said after the party in anger. 

"Evan is waiting for you in his house," My mom said to me then shared a secret smile to my dad. I rolled my blue eyes. My parents shipped me and Evan since we hung out like when we first met each other. So what? We're best friend! When we met each other when I first moved to my new house, I knew that we're going to best friend. Bestest friend. But now... I felt weird when I'm around him and when he talked, my face started to became hot. But I don't needed to worried about that. I nodded and before my parents could say something embarrassing, I walked out of my house.

Knock Knock.​ Slowly, the Falls house's door opened and Evan was there. He wore a denim shirt and black jean and black sneaker. His blonde hair was straight up- as always- and his piercing green eyes and big smile seemed to light his face. "Hey," Evan said happily.

"Hey." I said back and take a deep breath.

"Happy Birthday, your finally 15 like me!" 

"Yeah, and you're going to be 16 in 3 month. We're so the same," I said sarcasm but laughed, "My mom said that you're waiting for me?"

Evan's face started to reddened which was a HUGE surprised to me but I'm not going to mentioned it to him. "Yeah. I have a little picnic planned for you at our secret place," We have our own secret place near the park. There was a old, small place where you put stuff, and behind it was a beautiful, flat field. But the field was hidden well and no one had EVER discovered it. Except us. So the field was our secret spot.

I smiled and was going to said yes but I remembered something, "I already ate..."

But Evan's smile didn't disappeared, instead he said, "It's okay, we will only have my mom's new homemade recipe cookie and milk. You can handle it, right?" That was all I needed to said yes. I cannot resist Evan's mom homemade cookie. It was so yummy and addicted. I smiled back at him and nodded, which made him smiled even more.

When we reached the field, I gasped in surprised. The field looked cleaner than usual and there was a picnic blanket and there was the cookie and milk on top of it. Without hesitation, I ran like a cheetah, sat at the blanket, picked up one of the cookie and examined it. The cookie have two colour, blue and purple with edible glitter. When I tasted it, I smiled. It tasted like heaven! Evan's mom, Ms. Falls, was a master at making colourful, yet delicious cookie. 

I was too busy eating the cookie that I didn't even noticed that Evan sat next to me, smiling, until he spoke, "How is it?"

"A-M-A-Z-I-N-G." I said then ate the last crumb of the cookie. Evan laughed then ate one too.

All we do for the last 1 hour was talking, laughing and goofing around and the food was empty. "Your dad suggest what?" I asked in disbelief when Evan said that his dad suggested to clean his car, which hadn't been cleaned for 4 years already. "I know right, you know that he's a lazy guy and trust me, less than 30 second, he will quit," Evan said then laughed hysterically. I laughed back. Your probably wondering if I have any more friends and yes I do. I have two amazing girl-friend, Ruby Bells and Claire William. I met them at my first day at St. Rose Secondary School two years ago, they helped me by showing around the school. And when they invited me to lunch, we instantly became best friends.

The weather was so breezy that I just have to lay down and stared at the beautiful sky. Evan decided to joined me too and I noticed that he was staring me. It felt weird but at the same time, it felt nice. What seemed like forever, Evan whispered softly, "Ashlynn?" I turned to him and my face turned red. We were only a few cm apart! I couldn't move, I couldn't breath, and I couldn't think. And I don't think he can do anything too instead of staring at my blue eyes. I noticed that he have this perfect jawline. How did I not noticed it before? And what he did next was unbelievable and I never thought it could happened.

He kissed me.

His lip was so soft and warm. For a second, I thought I was going to exploded and thought he was going to pulled back but he didn't. And little did I know, I kissed him back. It was like my brain isn't working and instead, my body was in control now. My hand moved up to his hair while his hand was in my neck. Electric shot down my body and it seemed like my heart stopped beating. The kiss started to become more intense. It was more harder and more aggressive now. I don't want this to stopped. My leg slowly moved up and wrapped it around his hip. Slowly, his hand went under my shirt and was moving upward, upward and upward...

Then he stopped.

And pulled away the kiss.

"This isn't right. W-We're just f-friends..." He muttered slowly then stood up. What?! Isn't right? Just friends? I never knew four words can hurt so bad. 

I watched as Evan picked up the empty food basket and left the blanket since I was sitting on it. "You should go home now Ashlynn," He said quietly, not daring to showed his face. Then he left. Leaving me in deep confusion and tears steaming down my face.


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