The Unseen Love

When Ashlynn's best friend, Evan Falls, died, she was devastated. She wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and wouldn't talked to anyone but cry. But that was 3 years ago. Ashlynn now moved on and was going to celebrate her 18th birthday. But when it was her birthday, she didn't expected to meet someone she thought was long gone. Evan. But he wasn't alive... he's a ghost. As the expected love untangle, Ashlynn may fallen hard for her DEAD best friend...


5. Forgotten Memories


3 years later...


"The Victorian period formally begins in 1837, the year Victoria became Queen, and ends in 1901, which was the year of her death..." The history teacher, Mr. Brows, explained while the other students weren't paying attention at all. Some were sleeping, some were joking around with other, some were texting on their phones, and there was two people snogging each other! But I was just doodling on my sketch book and kept thinking about my 18th birthday party. 

This year party was probably the most different party I have ever celebrate. Because 1. my parents won't be there and looking at me like I'm still 8 years old. And 2. I'm going to celebrate my birthday party in a club! Talk about excitement! It was going to be my first time ever that I'm going to a club. Ruby's mom have a friend who own a huge club, but, it was outside of the town. But of course, that didn't stopped the people I had invited. 

The people I had invited was all from my school, and let's just say, their the party type. Seriously, almost EVERYONE in my school is a party animal. Especially the jocks and the cheerleader *barfing. You're probably wondering why on earth would I invited them, well, it wasn't my idea, it was Ruby's. "Ashy, if you want to be popular or be the centre of the stage after our birthday, you GOT to invite the high class people," Ruby said a few days ago. I just rolled my eyes because... well, I don't want to be popular! Like really, Ruby? And also because Ruby just said "high class" to the jocks and cheerleader. I seriously needed to barf right now.

"No way girl. They would never want to come to my birthday party!" 

"Hush!" Ruby put her finger on my lip, "They will because you're celebrating on THE GOLDEN CLUB!!!" Claire and I have to shut her up before she would break everyone's ears. 

"You're right..." I said quietly, "Fine! They can come and also the other people in this school. But I'm not going to be the one who's inviting them. You are," Then I stared at Ruby. With a sighed and growled, she agreed.


What seemed like forever, the bell rang, and all of the students jumped out of their chair and ran like a cheetah to the door. "Don't forget to bring the worksheet tomorrow," Mr. Brows yelled but it was quite useless because everyone was already out of the door. 

It was the end of the day and 28 hours till my birthday party! I was so excited! And here's the thing, Ruby was right. I was already the centre of the attention. All I heard when I walked to my locker was the conversation of the club. Like, "Oh my god, I can't believe we're going to THE GOLDEN CLUB!" Also, "Ashlynn's the best. How can she afford it?" And, "I'm definitely going to get a new dress for tomorrow!" I felt very happy.

I was busily putting my books back when my two BFF came up to me. "Sup girlfriend," Claire said happily then take a bit of her apple, "You're seriously popular right now," All I can do was smiled and said, "I know right?"

"I'm so jealous right now!" Ruby wailed, "There was this one girl who sat in front of me in English. She asked me if I was your best friend, and I said yes. She then said how can you afford to pay for the club? And I was like, girl, she's rich okay?" 

"My god! Ruby!" I gently hit her by the arm, "That absolutely nonsense. You know that my parents save a lot of money for it!" I have live in England for 5 years already so that meant I have this British accent, which I think it's totally wicked. In a good way!

"Sorry, just want to show off,"

I rolled my eyes.

"You know, when you rolled your eyes, your blue eyes start to sparkle... That's weird," Claire said then shrugged when Ruby and I looked at her in confusion.

"A weird gift of mine I guess."

After the girls have left, Aiden came up to me. Alden was a boy who was in my Math and Biology class. He was the captain of the basketball and many girls' dream man. Girls have tried to flirted with him and make him like them but it didn't worked. He doesn't have any friend that was a girl. Except me. 

He started to hang out with me a year ago, when I moved to high school with my besties. He said that I'm not like any other girls he met and that I'm chill and cool. And he always compliment my light strawberry blonde hair colour and my blue eyes.

Many people mistaken us as a couple, which we are not. But Ruby kept saying that we're perfect for each other, which made me blushed, and that Aiden have a crush on me. "No way!" I argued.

"Come on, isn't it obvious? Aiden kept looking at you a way that he never look at anyone before. And he said to you that you're not like any girls he ever met. AND because you're the only girl that he like to hang out with!"

I tried to denied it, but deep down, I knew it was true. Can he really have a crush on me? Or even more? 

Whenever Ruby talked about Aiden and I, Claire seemed to quieter than usual. "What's wrong Claire, you seem quiet," I asked her one time.

Claire looked me in alarm but then shook her head, "O-Oh, nothing. Just that... in my opinion, you could do better than him..." I was shock, because three of us would mostly likely to agreed on each other on everything. And I didn't understand what she meant when she said that I could do better than him.

"Nuh huh, their meant for each other!" Ruby said then do this sassy move she made up, which you need to flip your hair and clicked your finger. Claire went quiet and nodded but I knew that she didn't agreed on Ruby.

"Hey," Aiden said as I closed the locker. His smile was unbelievable cute, he have dark black hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"Hey..." I said quietly and just stared at him. What seemed like 1 minute, he jerked up and said, "You ready for tomorrow?"

"I'm sure am, you can come earlier if you want. Ruby, Claire and I are going to come early to set up."

"Sure, I'll think about it," He said then wiped his hair when it blocked his eyes, which in my opinion, was totally cute. "Do you want a present?"

"Er, I don't know. I'm already 18 but you know what they said, it doesn't matter what age you are, you can still get LOADS of present!" Then a moment of pause then we crackled up laughing.

"I'm not sure if they say that," Aiden said but he still smiled.

After the long, yet, fun conversation, my phone rang. "It's my mom. Gotta go. Bye!" I said then ran back to my home.

The rest of the evening was normal. Me, coming home and greeted by my parents. Then I went up to do homework and around 6:30pm, I went downstairs to eat. "Are you excited for tomorrow?" My mom said while chewing her food. Disgusting.

"Yes. I want a new dress for tomorrow but Ruby and Claire won't let me. I wonder why..." I said. I was too busy eating that I didn't even noticed that my parents shared a secret smile.

"Don't worry Ashlynn, you have plenty of beautiful dresses to wear instead," My dad said then smiled.

"I know..."

After the dinner, I went up to my room and do my normal night routine. As I was about to sleep, I saw a light coming from Evan's room. My heart skipped a beat. The Falls' house was next to mine so we're neighbour. 

Then as quick as light, the memories came rushing back to me. Evan. Evan Falls. 

The boy who was my best friend.

The boy who kissed me but pulled away.

The boy who got hit by a bus.

The boy who died two days before his 16th birthday.

The boy who I loved.


My God. Evan.

His word kept replaying inside of my head as I watched his window. His room hadn't been used or walked in since... the incident. And my parents and I stopped hanging out his parents because they suddenly turned cold on us. Actually, they turned cold to everyone. And I don't blamed them, losing someone you loved is hard. I been in that situation before.

After the incident, I shut myself in my room, crying all morning and night. I won't talked to anyone but cry. My mom were extremely worried about me and was going to called the hospital already but my dad stopped her. "Don't Anne, leave her be. She's broken. And the only way to stop it is to talk to her," My dad said. 

They tried to talked to me of course, but it didn't helped much because I only said two word. And that is "Get out" So yeah, messed up right. But I soon crawled out of the shadow and into the light 5 month later. And I promised myself that I won't be like that again. Evan won't like that, right? I had hurt people when they tried to helped me and, trust me, I appreciate it their help. So the order to never be like that agin, was to forget the nightmare and moved on. 

But now the memories had come back and I know that I can't ignored it anymore. 

I saw a female shadow, probably Mrs. Falls, came into his room and kept walking around in circle. I could only see the shadow because the curtain was blocking her. What seemed like forever, she stopped and put her hands in her face. She was crying. She then kneed down to the ground and I couldn't see what she's doing because the window. 

It was already late and I know I should sleep, but I can't. Instead, I just stood on my bare feet and looked outside of my window to Evan's window. 8 minutes later, Mrs. Falls' head popped out and walked to the window. Before I could hid or ran, she opened it and gasped in shock when she saw me. "You!" She cried angrily, "What are you doing?! Mind your own business or I'll shall call the police!" 

Without hesitation, I quickly closed my window, closed the light, and jumped onto my bed and tried to sleep.

I fell asleep about 30 minutes later. Tears steaming down my face. Why did you leave, Evan?

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