A Bowl of Soup

When helping her Father run the soup shop Sophie Reid has always been reluctant, but when she comes across a homeless boy her age in need for the first time she begins to understand what charity really is. As Sophie ages she tries to find way to express her charity.


3. Sophie's Crush and Aaron

Tears rolled down twelve year old Sophie's cheeks. 

She stopped chopping an onion as her vision was blurred with tears, she was thinking about school. To think that her longtime crush was the same as her friend Monique. 

"Daniel won't like someone ugly like you!" Monique's friends told her. 

"Don't even think about it!"

"Well I already asked him out and he said yes." Monique told her. "We're dating now and there's nothing you can do about it, maybe I can ask him to hook you up with one of his friends?" she asked but before Sophie could say a word she went over to Daniel's table and came back with a smug grin on her face. 

"He said he'll hook you up with Aaron." 

"Aaron?" Her friends echo. 

"Ewww!" They say in chorus before breaking into fits of maniacal laughter. 

Aaron was a homeless orphan who had been found and adopted by Daniel's family, Sophie has known him since elementary. They weren't friends but Aaron didn't seem gross in anyway he was very clean, a neat freak who was also very smart- the top of their class in fact.

But Sophie's feelings for Daniel were not something that could just be swept aside. She admired him, plus they were friends. Daniel watched the same tv shows as she did and had the same favorite food which she was making now. French Onion Soup. She would make this soup that both she and Daniel loved and savour it. 

As she cried Daniel enters the room. 

"I-it was the onion!" She insists.

Daniel grins. 

"You lost to an onion?" Daniel asks jokingly.

"Yes!" Sophie says. "I was overwhelmed by the enemy. The onion has won this battle." 

The two laugh. 

"What are you doing here?" she asks once their laughter dies down. 

Daniel and Sophie were neighbors, Daniel would always visit frequently to play video games or do homework together but after today for some reason she had thought their friendship had come to an end.

"Ah, I wanted to invite you over for dinner. To meet Aaron." he says.

Sophie's smile fades.

"I know who Aaron is? He came over that one time remember?" she reminds him. 

"I know you know but...." his eye glances past her at the ingredients laid out behind her.

"Are you making french onion soup?" he asked excitedly. 

"No." She lies. "I'm making stir fry." 

"Stirfry, Aaron loves stir fry it's not his favorite dish but if you're making it I can invite him over. Also we've got that one level we need to beat on Cursed Onion." he notes.

Sophie stares at him. Did Monique tell Daniel that she liked him or did she just ask if he could set her on a date? By the looks of things Monique didn't seem to mention this and for a brief second she's a little thankful that Monique hadn't humiliated her to that extent. She's seen the mean things her friend has done and the mean person she has become afterall. 

"Don't you have a date with Monique today?" She asks him.

"Ah, I do but later." Daniel blushes. 

Seeing this was like a slap to the face. 

If Daniel didn't see her that way ... she suddenly felt quite awful. Maybe... she really was ugly, she had always thought she was pretty just as pretty as Monique. 

Aaron came over later that day. 

He ate stir fry on the couch and watched while Sophie and Daniel played Cursed Onion. After beating the level they weren't able to beat before, Daniel rises up to leave.

"I'm suddenly feeling quite confident, this is where I take my leave." Daniel says. 

"Ehhh?!" Sophie didn't want him to leave yet. 

Daniel smiles a mischievous smile. 

"I'll see you two when I get back and tell you allll about it." he calls as he leaves. 

"Please don't." Aaron says. 

"Yes, please don't." Sophie agrees. Daniel holds up a thumb before closing the door behind him. It takes Sophie a few seconds to realize she's been left with Aaron. 

An Aaron who is finished eating stir fry. 

"Ah you can give that to me I'll wash it. You can take a look at the games and pick what you want to play- that is if you want to play." Sophie says, she suddenly feels nervous. 

"It was good, thank you." he hands her his plate and Sophie smiles politely before heading for the kitchen. After glancing behind her she places the dish in the sink and flails. 

"You think you're so slick  Daniel, think I don't see what you're trying to do?" Once she had calmed down, Sophie muttered to herself as she turned on the faucet. She pauses. Does Aaron know Daniel intends to hook them up?

Thinking about it makes her flail her arms again. 

"Ugh. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it." She chants darkly while she scrubs. She had no intention of dating Aaron but she also had no intention of being mean to him because of it, also he was Daniel's brother.

Once she's finished she dries her hands with one of the hand paper towels and checks up on Aaron in the living room. 

The tv had been turned off and on the coffee table chess had been set up.

"Is this what you want to play?" she asks an Aaron that was nowhere to be seen. 

"Yes." He was behind her yet she hadn't noticed at all. Scary. 

"Can you play it?" he asks her. 

"A little, when I was younger I used to play with my Dad but he would always let me win so I'd be lying if I said I was good at it." Sophie admits.

"Hmm..." Aaron sits on the floor on the side with the black pieces that were shaped like the characters from Cursed Onion's evil vegetables and fairies. Sophie's pieces were shaped like that of the people from Onionland. The pawns were shaped like the villagers, chefs and two main characters of the story. 

"We don't have to use the timer." Aaron assured her. 

"Oh." Sophie says. She never used to use the ole thing anyway.

They play for a while, Sophie regrets this decision as her pieces are slaughtered by Aaron's forces forcing her to evade in the end that leads up to a stalemate.

"Oh, you're good." Aaron says surprised. 

"What are you talking about? You mind as well have won." Sophie pouts. 

"But you hid your Queen from my range in the end." 

"I got slaughtered though!"

"You still had a few pawns and a rook you know."

She knows but still. 

"A different game." Sophie insists. 

"Alright what?" Aaron waits. 

Sophie pauses he clearly wasn't into video games so they mind as well play board games, she didn't mind. 


"Eh..." Aaron looks like he wants to say something.

"What you don't like it? Don't you look down on the classics!" Sophie lectures.


The two play for a while. Aaron wins most of the rounds each time with Sophie squares away from winning as well. 

"Agh!" she groans. 

"Say I've been wondering." Aaron starts oblivious to the Sophie throwing herself onto the floor and flopping around like a fish out of water. He studies the collection of her board games.

"All these games are themed after that game you were playing." Aaron starts. 

"Yeah." Sophie sits up to clear the board and put it away.

"What's all the hype about?" he asks. 

"Cursed Onion is a game about undoing the curse of a fairy." Sophie explains. Aaron furrows his brows, as he listens. 

"The story starts off with a five star chef finally achieving his dream of opening a five star restaurant, he loved to make onion dishes but one day he got sick and died, his wife who was secretly having an affair with his chef's rival immediately married him and they had a child. The plant fairy Tara, who had secretly taught the five star chef recipes grew very angry seeing how she betrayed him. She killed the child's parents and cursed their baby so that on her eighteenth birthday which just so happens to be on the same day of the chef's death she'll cry her eyes out when chopping a magical onion and die. Little did Tara know that the child was the daughter of the five star chef. When the game starts the five star chef's ghost appears to his daughter, Madeira in her kitchen from possessing an onion recipe cookbook that reveals the truth,

"The point of the game is to help Madeira find Tara and get her to remove the spell. But because Tara's heart has gone dark so has the plant life, which attacks the world. She was banished from the fairy realm so she should be somewhere in the human realm, the story is one thing but the game is also another. Madeira can't fight directly she has to hire help from the people she meets along her adventure, she uses the cookbook her Father possesses to make magical food that can heal the people fighting for her on the battlefield, also she's very beautiful so the people she attracts are mostly guys."

Aaron listens silently.

"That does sound interesting." he pushes up his glasses onto his nose. Sophie grins.

"Doesn't it?"

"I wonder how it'll end."

"Me too."

A silence falls, Aaron is quiet and suddenly Sophie doesn't know what to talk about.

"Want to watch a movie?" she asks. 

Aaron pauses. 


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