A Bowl of Soup

When helping her Father run the soup shop Sophie Reid has always been reluctant, but when she comes across a homeless boy her age in need for the first time she begins to understand what charity really is. As Sophie ages she tries to find way to express her charity.


5. Sophie writes a song

I don't want to grow up.

Life's no fun when you've got to stop stuff.

Laughing together as the good friends we are, 

Growing up makes close relationships seem so far.


And God I really don't mean to whine

but I don't think I'm going to be fine.


At lunch hour Sophie spends her time scribbling in her notebook. When the librarian isn't looking she sneaks bites of her sandwich out of her bag. 

Sophie became friends with Aaron so whenever Daniel comes over he does too. On the day they defeated the last level of the Cursed Onion, all three sit in silence to watch the ending credits roll and watch as they untold end plays out behind them. No one says anything until the title screen returns.

"It's over." Daniel sighs as he stretches his arms up to the ceiling before glancing at a sniffling Sophie who was wiping away her tears.

"That was... a surprisingly entertaining end." In the dark Aaron readjusts his glasses before eyeing Sophie who was now hugging her legs.

The three sit in silence for a little while. Sophie's sniffling was the only thing they could hear and before long she became aware of this herself.

"I'll go make something to eat." Sophie rises to her feet. 

"Actually, I've got somewhere to be." Daniel says standing he tucks his hands into his pocket. 

"Another date? Why is it always on the days we chose to meet up?" Aaron asks.

Daniel shrugs. 

"Dunno. It just always seems to end up that way."

Aaron rises. 

"I've got a group project, sorry Sophie." He tousles her hair as he and Daniel make their way out the door. When was it that Aaron began to see her as a little sister figure? She shoots a glare at the door after they're gone before begrudgingly locking it. For a while there she was certain he had some interest in her even though she was pretending not to have noticed. Did it fade? 

She stares at the tv in silence. Even this game. She'll remember how much she loved it but those feelings won't be fresh, it'll only be faded and so she'll only have respect for it. Sighing she leans against the door.

I don't want to grow up.

Life's no fun when you've got to stop stuff.

Laughing together as the good friends we are, 

Growing up makes close relationships seem so far.


How could I forget this thing I once loved?

How can I forget the ones that I loved?

Is this what it means to grow up?

To move on and forget the people you love?


God I really don't mean to whine

but is that what's right?

Is that what's best?

In order for me to get this feeling out my chest...?


The next morning the sky was grey, as Sophie walks home(usually she takes the bus) she looks up and studies the lights and darks of the clouds and imagines the brush strokes one would take to create such an image. The sky was like a canvas then. Smiling to herself she looks up just in time to dodge a light post. 

That would've been embarrassing! 

She looks around to see if there was anyone from school was around only for something to catch her eye. A little pastry shop across the street. For as long as she could remember there were a lot of shops around this part of town but there had never been a pastry shop. 

Curious, Sophie crosses the street and peers into the shop. There were people seated inside chattering away. She enters the shop and inches towards the display case before her eyes widening at all the pretty cakes. They weren't just cake but art. 

Is that?

Sophie squints at what looks like a chunk of wood with a frog perched on it.

"That's a cake." 

She hadn't noticed someone behind the counter until they spoke. It was a guy who looked like he was in high school. He had pierced ears, grey eyes and yellowish blonde hair. Sophie blushes. He was fairly attractive and he was watching her!

Of course he would he works here! 


"The menu's up here though." he points up above at the signboard overhead. 

"Oh!" Sophie knits her fingers together feeling quite stupid at not having noticed it before.

I kinda just came to look at the cake and stuff anyway...This stuff looks kinda expensive...

"I'll have the nutty chocolate." 

The guy smirks, he must be amused that she got the cheapest thing on the menu.

"How many?" 

"Twelve. Oh and why not maybe 5 cupcakes?"


After paying she sighs and looks at the items. 

They look so fancy! Normal cupcakes and chocolate got nothing on this...!

"Something wrong?"

She hadn't moved.

"Oh, no sorry. Thank you!"

He smiles politely and watches her leave.



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