A Bowl of Soup

When helping her Father run the soup shop Sophie Reid has always been reluctant, but when she comes across a homeless boy her age in need for the first time she begins to understand what charity really is. As Sophie ages she tries to find way to express her charity.


4. Sophie decides to make a plan

In elementary they were always teased that they looked alike but apparently it was a lie.

Sophie was a brunette, her hair was more ash than brown that curled into ringlets naturally, her eyes were brown and she had a plump babyface, Monique had the same kind of hair but ever since she made new friends she cut off her curls and got a gold ombre on her ends, her cheekbones were higher and her eyes were narrower and grey, her nose was more pointed and she became instantly popular. All the girls admired her saying she looked like a model. Before, when Sophie was her only friend she would be the one to say those same praises.

Grey and green eyes are rare, it was also true that Daniel liked cartoon characters with green or blue eyes and hair with ombre or some kind of colorful modications. Sophie also remembers telling Monique this and realizes that it was not her friends who influenced her to do this but Daniel. To think all that time Monique liked Daniel, she hadn't notices and she feels outmatched but now that she thinks about it, Monique must have felt outmatched with Daniel spending so much time with Sophie as well. 

Sophie was the one who ended up introducing the two when Monique came over for a sleepover to her house during elementary. If only Sophie hadn't... she gazes into mirror now and sighs at her current reflection. She had just gotten out of the shower, her washed hair now dangled down her shoulders. She squeezes out some oil and rubs it in while watching herself. 

Could it be that Daniel never saw her as girl? Was she just a bro to begin with? 

She thinks about it on her way down to breakfast and on her way to school she asks one of Daniel's friends who give her a funny look. 

"What I think of you?" Cairo repeats.


"Well... you're cute, looking at you one would guess that you're a girly girl but you dress like a tomboy." he says. 

"And there's nothing wrong with that." Daniel's other friend, Lark adds. "You pull it off well, most tomboys are sloppy and boyish but you're the opposite." they say but Sophie didn't hear them in her mind she was formulating a plan to get Daniel to see her as a girl. She didn't plan on interfering with Monique and his relationship, especially after seeing how happy Daniel was last night when he returned from his date. But she'd get to see him as a girl if it was the last thing she did!

That day Aaron and Daniel came to visit Sophie in the library. 

"Here she is." Daniel says. 

Sophie who had been researching girly styles in a fashion magazine leans off it so Daniel could see that she too was a girl who was interested in girly things.

"We're going roller skating tonight, want to tag along?" he asks.

Sophie's face falls a little.

"My parents are going to be home for dinner tonight. So we'll be spending some time together." Sophie apologizes. Her parents were busy people who worked hard so that Sophie could live comfortably while focusing on school and at school so that even someday she could go to college. They took certain days of the month to eat dinner together as a family to catch up on her school life. Even if Sophie wanted to go she didn't want to cancel, she felt that this was another responsibility she owed to her parents. 

"Ahh, that's right." Daniel looks disappointed. He glances at Aaron who was looking elsewhere and pushing up his glasses. 

"We can always go another time." Sophie reassures them.

"Ah, right see you then."

Sophie watches them leave and is slightly ticked. 

"Ehhh?! That's it you guys are just gonna leave?" 

"My girlfriend's waiting for me." Daniel winks at her. Aaron says nothing. 

Watching them go Sophie melts in her chair for two reasons.

1. Daniel was too hot for her sometimes, that wink just now made her like him even more.

2. It saddened her at the thought that Daniel liked Moniqe that much.

"Hey Sophie, where were you at lunch today?" One of Monique's friends who had the same class with Sophie grilled her. 

"Monique spilled all the juiciness of their date, you missed it but I'm sure for you it's like torture huh, is that why you didn't sit with us today, also Daniel and his friends joined table with us. You probably shouldn't sit with us anymore. We all talked about it and we don't even know why Monique even keeps you around anyway."  

"Yeah," Sophie agrees. "You're right." 

Surprised at this reaction the girl stares at Sophie a little more before asking. 

"Is that soup? Are you hungry or something?" She asks.

Sophie ignores her and continues to paint over her sketch on the canvas of the french onion soup. 

"Wow! Very life like Sophie, it looks like you could take it out the painting and eat it!" Sophie's art teacher Ms. Penzila praises her and everyone leans over to get a look at her canvas. 

"Thank you." Sophie says she's still too distracted to feel proud of her work. If anything she was sad. 

To think that they would never again be able to share the french onion soup again... 

Sophie was surprised to find her Father cooking in the kitchen that evening. 

"Dad?" she calls. 

"Sophie! Come give your old man a hug!" he calls back. While he stirs his pot, Sophie hugs him from behind.

"What are you making? I thought I was going to cook."

"I wanted to try out a new recipe," he goes on. "You and your Mom can tell me what you think."

"Hmm..." Sophie watches him. Even when he wasn't at work he was working, it must be nice being able to do something you love. Sophie likes a lot of things but she's not sure what she wants to do when she gets older. At first she wanted to be a chef like her Dad but now she's not so sure. 

Her Mom arrives later and goes straight for a shower before coming out to eat. 

"Sorry for the wait," she kisses her daughter on the cheek then her husband on the lips.

"I'm making a new menu item, tell me what you think." his Father tells them. 

Sophie tries the dish. 

"I love it." She says after one bite. "Though that's only because I love pesto."

"I think it'd be safe to add this on to the menu." Sophie's Mom says. 

"Your restaurant doesn't usually have much pasta options so I think some customers would like it." Sophie adds. 

"So we should add more pasta choices?" he asks her. 

Both mother and daughter murmur approval in unison as they wolf down the fettuccini.

Once everyone's done Greg brings out some cake when her Mother remembers she bought ice cream and runs upstairs to retrieve it from her bedroom. 

"How's school?" Greg asked Sophie once her Mother returned with the ice cream. The vanilla went nicely with it. Sophie swallows before speaking. 

"It's okay." she says.

"Really, you didn't look so hot this morning." her Mother notes. "Like you had something on your mind."

Sophie pauses. 

"Mom what would you do if the boy you liked didn't like you but your friend?" 

Both Mother and Father exchange looks of horror. 

"It's that time already?!" 

"Time flies doesn't it."

"She's only twelve!"

"She's mature enough."

"A-hem." Sophie attempts to pull their focus back and her Mother clears her throat. 

"Well, I'd really like him I'd continue to be friends and hope he quickly breaks up with her, but I don't recommend that dear you should get over him."

Hearing these words from her Mother made her heart sink.

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