Don't forget... You're here forever

Felix has issues.
He has friends.
He has enemies.
He knows things.
He knows you.


4. Two.

The corridor was looooong, all sorts of numbers jumbled on the doors, where was the order in them you ask? THERE WAS NO ORDER!!! This annoyed me since I have OCD, I figured this out when I was little, I remember because it was my Fathers funeral and I was sat doing colouring, and whenever my pencils were knocked out of order I would get cross and have to re-order them. This went on for the whole of that day because everybody kept knocking them out of place, aha fun times.

But enough about Crayons and pencils, back to the corridor (I know, boring right?) I wandered up and down for approximately ten minutes, before crouching against the wall and holding my head in my hands, All those numbers had made my brain all fuzzy... God only knows why.

Eventually I stood and looked up and down, taking deep breathes as I wandered up and down the corridor. I kept my eyes plastered to the numbers, saying them in my head, 25, 7, 15, 2, 9, 3- And then proceed to bump into another person, and falling onto your butt because of the force. Whoops.

"Ah! God I'm so sorry!" A familiar voice sounded and I shook my head looking up. I went silent before grinning, "Tub!" I think I've mentioned that Tub is my best mate before, but just I case you didn't know, I said it again. He has slightly curly brown hair with some sort of side-sweepy fringe, he also has brown eyes. This is the only thing that I don't like about him. Brown.

He grinned back and held out a hand to help me up, "Fancy seeing you here Problem Child." This is the nickname that he decided to give to me, I can't think of why though... I make a mental note to ask him later and stare at his hand, before lightly taking it and letting him help me up. I can't remove my hand from his grasp quickly enough for my liking, but I act like nothing happened at all, just this once I guess physical contact was o.k. BUT N O T FINE, OKAY YOU GOT THAT? GOOD.

I shake off the whole fiasco and smile, "Mother drove me here."

His face turned serious, "Oh really? I thought you walked all [insert big number here] miles."

This confused me, and I tilted my head, "Why would I do that...?"

He chuckles, "It's called a joke remember?" I nod, because I do remember him telling me about jokes. He rolls his eyes playfully, "What's your room number bro?"


He gasps, "The unlucky number! You're in for trouble!"

"Oh.... Am I.... Oh no... I don't-" he grins at my peril,

"Jokes.... Remember?"


He leads me down the corridor and hums, "Weird question, have you figured out your sexuality yet? I mean... I know we had this talk a few months ago... But still."

I shrug, "I'm still looking and finding out things, you know?"

He nods, "I'm still as heterosexual as before buddy, don't ask me."

I smirk slightly and feel the sudden urge to bring back an old joke. "If you were gay... That'd be okay!"

"Oh god no-"

"I mean cause hey! I'd like you anyway!"

"Please stop-"

"Because you see, if it were me! I would feel free to say that I was gay!"

"Oh, you're still going?"

"But I'm not gay."

"You done now yeah?" I nodded because I was, I had forgotten the rest of the words... For some reason this made Tub burst into laughter, "Here we are, room thirteen. Lucky you, but sorry mate I gotta shoot, got revision to do and shit, I'll see you later?" He then put his hand in a fist and I did the same, bumping his knuckles lightly with mine. He said this represented our friendship before, so that is what we do. And then he ran off, so I shouted after him. "I'll see you later cap-e-tan!!" Because that is the only joke that I know.

Welcome to my world :)

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