Don't forget... You're here forever

Felix has issues.
He has friends.
He has enemies.
He knows things.
He knows you.


8. Six.

When I think about it, it sounds a bit silly really... Currently, I, Felix-Ervarda Orin Rodgers, 17 years of age, 'fully grown young man'.... Not so much.

I'm sitting In the far corner of the closet in my room, cowering? I think that's the right word? 

Anyway, why am I here you ask? 

Because they told me that I was seeing things back at the hospital, now... Now, it's happening again. A woman of about 25 I think, stood in my room, clear as day, but her feet didn't touch the floor and she was a haunting shade of grey. Long hair trailing down her shoulders, her jaw long, mouth open mid scream, eyes popping. I took one look and thought ...





And that is why I am currently in the closet, shivering like a four year old. 

I'm not brave really, mother used to call me a wimp, I probably am. Especially if this is what she meant.

I jumped as someone knocked at the door.

"Heya Lexus, It's Jak, can I come in?"

I whimpered before answering.

"yeah...." I peeked out of the closet as Jak opened the door, I waited for the scream...

There wasn't one .-. Gah, typically the woman was gone, my room was empty apart from Jak and I.

"Should I ask why you were in the closet or....?"

I shrugged, "There was a scary lady standing in front of the door." I stated very matter of fact.

Jak went quiet. "Oh. Well, anyways uh... Charles, Tub, Aileen and I were wondering if you were free Saturday? We wanna go somewhere as a group, ya know?"

I nodded once. "Okay."

Jak nodded quickly and grinned, "Studying, gotta go, beware of the scary lady!" He then ran out laughing.

I huffed, next time I'll get my camera. 

Then I'll show him.

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