Don't forget... You're here forever

Felix has issues.
He has friends.
He has enemies.
He knows things.
He knows you.


11. Nine XP

'BUT HEY! If there were a hole available, I would love to put myself into it. (LOL) ~ A joke by the human that is me, Felix-Ervarda.

"Sorry to interrupt, but have any of you seen a boy with hair like this?" I held up a drawing of Tub, but hey, I am no artist, it's just a scribble.

"No... Sorry kid..."

It's been 7 days since I last saw Tub, and I'm getting worried, gone without warning? Doesn't sound like him at all. Anyway, I've been wandering the corridor asking if anyone has seen him, none. I put up posters that said 

'MISSING: TUB; IF FOUND PLEASE CALL [insert fancy phone number here, eh look at you XD] THANK YOU!' 

In big bold letters.

After three days I was a little worried, but seven days with NO phone calls what-so-ever? Well that's just pushing it. I walk up the corridor for the 17th, maybe 18th time and get stopped by another figure.

Sadly it's not Tub, it's actually Charles.

"Hello Bud, I couldn't help but notice that you've been wandering up and down for the last... Half hour? Is everything okay?"

I frown, "Tub has gone missing."

Charles hums, "Have you checked his room, maybe knocked on his door?"

I shook my head. "No..."

"Maybe that's a good place to start?" He shrugs as we walk to room 14's door, knocking quickly.

The door was opened immediately, and standing there was an older boy, I frowned even more. "I don't understand..."

"Hey kid, what do you want?! I'm busy here."

"This is TUB'S ROOM!!!" I hissed as Charles patted my shoulder and apologised to the boy, the door shutting swiftly.

"Maybe his room got switched?"

"He would have told me!"

"Hmm..." Charles shook his head. "Maybe it's time that you were told the truth...."

I cowered, "The truth...?"

"Felix, Tub... That isn't his room, he doesn't go to this school, Tub... Isn't real, he's a figment of your imagination, that's why people look at you funny when you're talking to him, it's... It's because you're talking to.... Well.. Thin air as such..."

I stilled, staring at the carpet, tears brimming in my eyes, why does everything have to be so complicated?! 

"You're lying." I hissed, 

"Felix, I'm sorry... You've gotta understand."

"YOU'RE LYING!!!!" I screamed and smashed a fist into the wall in temper before running to my own room and slamming the door shut behind myself.

All this time... They had lied to me, They must think I'm some disabled... Mental... Freak?! I won't stand for it, and so I pack my things up, check that Charles isn't outside, and leave, the only trace that I was ever there... A note.

'I'm leaving. 

Not coming back.

Don't look for me.'

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