Don't forget... You're here forever

Felix has issues.
He has friends.
He has enemies.
He knows things.
He knows you.


6. Four.


A text from Charles.

'Meet me by the door in ten?'

My reply?

'Okay, got it.'

Because I had, it had definitely gotten through.

It had been three days since my first encounter with Charles, besides passing a few people in the corridor, I had seen nobody. Not even Tub! I suspected he was probably busy with things elsewhere, and I kind of missed him... But, I just shrugged it off and pulled on my hoodie, grabbed the keys to my room and locked the door behind myself before wandering out to meet Charles.


"Hello!" I grinned, skipping out towards him, he was leaning against the wall with his hair in a slicked back ponytail. He smiled when he saw me.

"Hello there." Funny, I didn't notice his accent before... I wonder where he's from... I made a mental note to ask him later and he stood up straight. "I thought we could go for a walk, do you know many people around here?" He asked, before he started walking, I tried to keep up. (He was quite fast.)

"I know Tub."


"Yes Tub, from room 14, he's studying Extended math, physiology and English literature.... Because he's fancy like that."

"Aha, I see, he's new too? Arrived at the start of the year?"

"Yes, he arrived before me because I was in the hospital with my doctor."

"Oh? Should I ask...? Actually, no. Don't tell me yet, I'll ask later, here we are." He gestured at a large crowd of people.

"I don't like people in big numbers."

"Just pick one, go up to them and say... 'Hello! I'm Felix, Room thirteen! Wanna be friends?' ... See? It's easy."

I went silent before nodding once and looking at the crowd. There was people all crowding in one place, so I decided to go away from the hustle and towards a boy who looked around my age. He had dirty blonde hair and held a guitar. (bass I think, yeah... I'm not really good with instruments.) I walked until I stood next to him and looked back at Charles who gave me a thumbs up and nodded with a smile. 

"Hello, I'm... Felix, from room thirteen... Um I'm studying uh..." I stopped when he looked up at me with a smile. I tilted my head. "Is that a bass guitar?" I asked.

He nodded, "Yep, you like instruments?"

"I like music..." I shrugged and the boy chuckled. 

"I'm Jak, room 69." He bit his lip like he was holding back laughter as i tilted my head again. "Ayyyyyeee I'm only joking, I'm in room 7." He then held out a hand, which I stared at for a moment, glancing over at Charles, (who wasn't really a butt. Eheheh I made a joke, I'm proud of that one too.) before I took Jak's hand and shook it gently.

"It's nice to meet you." I said with a smile.

"You too, oh! What's your major Felix?"

"The dramatic arts."

"Fits him too doesn't it?" Shouted a familiar voice.

"TUB I CAN HEAR YOU!!" I screeched and folded my arms, huffing as Tub came out of the bushes. What a douche. I grinned at the brown-haired boy as he asked:

"So, whatcha doing today Problem Child?"

"Making friends. This is Jak." I gestured to Jak before turning to Charles, who had wandered over. "And Charles." 

"Damn, you're doing pretty good."

And I nodded because

Yes. I. Am.

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