Don't forget... You're here forever

Felix has issues.
He has friends.
He has enemies.
He knows things.
He knows you.


14. Elevennnn~

Back to square one was exactly my place, Jak sat cross-legged on the bed opposite me as I stared at the ceiling. His phone rang and he delved into the pocket of his coat to answer it.


(A/N: omgggg I say 'yello' instead of hi. Gawd I'm a freak.)

"Helloooo?" He then shrugged and dropped the phone, having hung up.

"Miss-call I think..."

I nodded and jumped as my own ringtone sounded, jolting across the room to pick my phone from the floor. Unknown number...? Huh.


There was the sound of rain from the other side and I groaned. Not this again...

"They're coming for you....."

I threw the phone across the room, and sadly, Jak caught it, putting it to his ear and mouthing: 'Who is it?' I shook my head.

"They're coming for you.... This is a warning.... They'll get you.... Felix-Ervarda."

Jak hung up and dropped the phone, "Prank call, people turn off their caller I.D and do it all the time. It's chill. Did you recognise that voice?"

".... Yes....."

"Awesome! We can put the voice to a face and then all scares will be sorted. What do they look like?"

I didn't hear him, all I could hear was the blood pumping and my heart rate going faster than a freaking race car. I took a deep breath and picked up a pocket knife.

I don't remember what happened after that.

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