Don't forget... You're here forever

Felix has issues.
He has friends.
He has enemies.
He knows things.
He knows you.


10. Eight!!!!!

I should make a sign that says 'The next day' or something, because I would wear it out with pride. This is a small Side note by the human that is me. ~ Felix-Ervarda Orin Rodgers.

Jak and I sat in the dark silence for what seemed like hours, after a lonnnnnng while I thought he had fallen asleep, but when I shuffled slightly I was also proven wrong.


I sighed, "It's not your fault, it's her fault for dropping dead like that, and I don't blame her, getting out of here was the right decision." I ended up snuggled close to Jak, wonder how that happened, shhhhhDON'TmentionIt.

" You're an odd one, you know that Lexus?" He smiled weakly.

I smiled back, "Yeah, I do."

He ruffles my hair and hummed, climbing out of the closet, carefully hopping to the light switch as not to step on anything, and turning on the lights, before staring at the wall in front of him.

"Felix... What on earth...?" 

The wall was covered in blurry photographs, not an inch of the actual plaster wall showing. The photos were all of things that I had seen, I wondered if Jak understood... I didn't think he would.

He leaned forward and gently took a picture from the far right, it was one of the less-blurry photos, it pictured a tall man, dressed in a black suit and tie, pale skin and his facial features all blurred out. 

"What is this...?"

I stared at the ground in what seemed like embarrassment. 

"...I don't know..."

Jak pinned the picture back where it had been before and pulled off another, it was of a woman, white as a sheet, arms spread out in longing, as if she was trying to grab something, her face was long and mouth open, black holes where her eyes should be, yet, the picture was still blurred and not perfect. 

"...I just... See things and take pictures." I said, still staring at the floor, poking a small piece of wool that was stuck to the carpet with my foot. "... It's silly isn't it?"

"Not at all," Jak said, seeming excited. "Felix, you know what I think?" 

I shook my head, looking up.

"Felix, I think you can see ghosts."

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