Teenage Romance

Taylor and Matt have known each other since they were nine. But what happens when they start to have feelings for each other. Will they take the chance and date, or continue being good friends?


8. Chapter 8.

I woke up late the next day and saw that I had a missed call from my mom. So I called her back right away. She didn’t pick up so I left her a voicemail saying that Katrina was over at the house and we were getting ready for my birthday party tomorrow and that I loved her. I hung up the phone and got ready for work. Once again I had to do swim lessons with the kindergartners so I grabbed my instructor shirt and my one piece swimsuit and headed to the center. My day was filled with screaming kids and chatting parents by the pool deck, nothing special. My shift got done at eight, I clocked out and drove home. When I arrived there was more decorations than when I had left. Which meant that Katrina had come and left in the five hours I was gone.

I warmed up some pizza from a couple nights ago for dinner and in the meanwhile my phone had dinged, I got a message from Cole, “Hey, I need to know what you want for your birthday.”

I smiled, “Nothing,” I texted, “I don’t need anything.”

He waited a couple seconds before replying, “I didn’t ask what you needed, I asked what you wanted. :-)”

I didn’t want to be rude and say anything because he has money so I thought of a cheap idea, “Fine, you may think this is stupid but candles.” I texted slowly.

“Okay, candles it is then. What is your favorite kind?” He asked.

I thought for a couple moments. “Anything that is nature. I love the smell of the clean outdoors.”

We continued texting for another half hour until he had suggested that we skype. After agreeing to it I scurried up to my room and turned on my laptop. I looked in the mirror to see how I looked. Hideous. I quickly put on some foundation and mascara and fixed my hair and called it good. I looked like a human being. Finally loaded I opened up skype and pressed the button to video chat. “Hey” I said when I could see him. His hair was wet from just taking a shower.

“Hey” He volleyed back. He had an accent, I have no idea how I could have missed that before.

“So I was told that you…” I paused for a moment. “We kissed.”

His smile faded away, “You don’t remember?”

“My punch was spiked, I have a hard time remembering anything from that night.”I admitted looking down.

He laughed, “It’s okay, but I wish you remembered it, because. It was great.”

I smiled and giggled, “I wish I could have remembered it too.”

We continued talking for another couple of hours about life and school.

“I am so tired.” I said groggily.

“I should let you go then. You want to be well rested for your party tomorrow.” He smirked.

“Okay. See you tomorrow.” I then pressed end call and took a shower. Right after I was done I didn’t bother drying my hair, I just fell asleep.

“Taylor May! Get up. We don’t have time for this!” She commanded as she shook me.

“Fuck you. What time is it?” I croaked.

She stopped shaking me, “8:30. We have to make the food and fix up the final touches.”

I peeled myself from my bed, where I wanted to be and walked into the kitchen. She had three sheets of paper telling us what had to be done.

“Go get ready. Wake up. I am going to start on the dips.” She said hurrying around the kitchen.

I went upstairs and into the bathroom. I washed my face and applied makeup. I decided to deal with my hair later and put it in a ponytail for now. Going into my room  I grabbed the preplanned outfit that I picked out and put it on, which was coral colored shorts and a black crop top.

I bounced downstairs and saw Katrina on her phone, “I thought we had no time, “ I joked.

“Haha,” She laughed sarcastically, “But the jokes on you I was getting a last minute RSVP. So ha!”

I smirked, “What do you want me to do?”

She thought for a moment, “Take this piece of paper around and make sure everything is crossed off.”

“Great.” I stated with no enthusiasm. I grabbed the paper and walked around the house checking all the things that the paper said. After 20 minutes of basically walking around my house I was done and went back into the kitchen. “What time will everybody start showing up?” I asked putting the piece of paper back on the table?

“Everybody will be here at three.” She said quickly while she was stirring ingredients together in a bowl.

“Why so early?” I asked. “Usually parties don’t start until sixish.”

“We are going tubing down the river!” She whined. “We talked about this yesterday.”

“Oh yeah. My bad.” I said. We continued fixing up the house until two, when she said it was time to get me ready. We headed upstairs into my bathroom where she plugged in the curling iron. She put beach waves in my shoulder length chocolate colored hair.

“And. Done!” She exclaimed. “Now we will go downstairs and wait.”
Matt was the first one over, followed by John, and then everybody started showing up. Katrina decided to make an announcement. “It’s time to go tubing, everybody meet by where we rent the tube.” Everybody started moving outside and driving out to the camp site.

Just as everybody was leaving one more face showed up, it was Cole. “You’re here!” I exclaimed.

“Yes I am! Time to go tubing?” He asked rubbing his hands together.

“Yes it is. We were just about to head out.” I replied.

“Want to ride with me?” He asked suddenly.
“Yeah sure.” I grabbed my sunglasses and closed the door behind me. When we arrived at his car he opened up the door for me. We didn’t talk much on the way there because the campground wasn’t very far from my house. It was packed there, it took us a couple minutes to find a parking spot. We finally found one at the very back.

“Where’s your swimsuit?” Cole asked me, unbuckling his seatbelt.

“Under my clothes.” I said stepping out of the glossy car.

“Why do you still have them on?” He gasped, “I didn’t mean for it to sound like that.”

I started laughing, “I was just going to take them off. Can I just leave them in the car?”

“Yeah.” He said blushing. He took off his shirt and threw it in the car. He came around to my side of the car where I was still taking off my clothes. I couldn’t help but stare at his muscles, that were everywhere. He smirked and I blushed, quickly looking away.

“Alright, let’s go.” I said shutting the back door of his car. We could hear the talking from all the way in the back of the parking lot. We both went up to the tube rental and received our tubes. When everybody was ready to go we walked down to the river and got in our tubes. Cole got in before me and helped me in. Everybody heard a shriek, Matt had fallen in trying to get into his tube. I started laughing and so did everyone else. Everybody linked hands so we wouldn’t get away from each other. I had Cole on my right and Katrina on my left. Going down the river we met a couple groups of men that were drunk or high, nobody could tell which one. The trip took about three hours, so it was just in time for supper. At the end everyone had a hard time getting out of their tube. So when I almost fell out Matt caught me in a dip position. He smiled and stood me up straight. It took forever to get all the tubes returned. After Cole and I had returned our tubes we started walking back to his car.

“That was so much fun.” I said.

“It was.” He paused for a moment and leaned down so only I could hear him, “I’m glad I got to hold your hand the entire time.”

I blushed, “So am I” We didn’t talk the rest of the way to the car.

I opened up the back door and was just about to grab my clothes when Cole stayed over on my side of the car looking at me.

I stood up straight, “Is something wrong?”

“Please remember this.” He whispered.

I looked confused. “Remember wh-” I was cut off by Cole smashing his lips against mine.

He pushed me against the car, holding my head while he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling in closer. His kisses were strong and urgent. He moved his hands down my body so the were on my hips, pulling me closer. I ran my hands through his soft sandy blond hair. He picked me up and put both of us in the car. He shut the door behind us. I wrapped my legs around him pushing him towards me. He pecked me with kisses on my collarbone. I moaned. All I wanted was him, now. I heard voices coming near. “We. Have. To. Get. Back.” I said between kisses.

He stopped kissing me and sat up, “Are you sure?”

I sat up fixing my swimsuit. “Yes.” I climbed into the front of the car, as did he. Nothing was said on the way back.

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