Teenage Romance

Taylor and Matt have known each other since they were nine. But what happens when they start to have feelings for each other. Will they take the chance and date, or continue being good friends?


2. Chapter 2.

I had gotten no sleep last night, but thankfully today is Friday, which meant four days of school left. I got up out of bed to check my phone, which had no messages, doesn’t surprise me at all. After getting my white jean shorts and a fitting grey  t-shirt, I went to the bathroom to make myself presentable. My shoulder length brown hair was a mess, so I just threw it up into a bun. After spending five minutes doing my makeup I went and made myself breakfast. I could hear footsteps coming down the stairs. My seven year old brother Tyler bounced into the kitchen.

“Only four more days of school left until summer!” he shouted.

“I know!” I said continuing to butter my toast. And with that he ran into the living room to catch cartoons before he had to catch the bus. I continued getting my stuff together and told Tyler I was leaving, and went out the door. I blasted the CD that I made with all my favorite songs on it. Katrina was waiting for me in our parking spot at school.

“Hey gurl. Four more days of this hell hole until summer!” She said facing me as I got out.

“I know! I have something to tell you.” I whispered, while walking towards the school

She stopped walking and asked concernedly, “Is everything okay?”

“I think it is time that I break up with Aaron. He is so sweet, and nice, but we have nothing in common.” I started walking again.

“Hell yeah! It’s about time, it only took you two months to get the balls to say that!” She ran up to catch up with me.

“I think I am going to write a letter to him, even though that is one of the worst ways to do it. I think he would like that better since he is so shy.” I explained quickly. We finally got in the school, and went to our lockers.

“ That’s a good way. That way it’s like you care, but not to much.” She agreed. The five minute warning bell rang.

“I will talk to you during lunch about it okay.” I said grabbing my folders and books. And with that we went our different ways. First and second period were boring, so I just sat there trying to figure out what I am going to say to Aaron in the message. The bell finally rang t dismiss us to third period.

A tall figure stood next to me, knowing it was Matt I said, “I have to tell you something in class.”

“Okay, I just have to switch folders, then I will be there.” he stated in his deep voice.

As I waited for him to get here, one of the popular girls came up to me, “Hey you are Matt’s friend right?”  She tilted her head slightly.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Do you know if he is single?”

“Yes, he is.” I mumbled. Since he is on the varsity tennis team he gets noticed a lot.

“Okay thanks.” She walked off back to her seat, where all her friends were laughing and talking. Once Matt sat down next to me she winked at him. He only smiled back to her.

Turning away from the popular girls, and looking at me he said’ “What did you need to tell me?”

“Well-” I was cut off by Mr. Robin starting the class. “I’ll tell you after.” Just as all the other classes, this one was a blur. Giving us our assignments for the weekend, Mr.Robins let us go.

“You want to hang out this weekend? I can come over.” Matt asked me after class.

“Yeah sure. Tomorrow work for you?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you then.” We both headed our separate ways to our next class. I put away my folders and grabbed my book and headed to lunch.

“Ugh. You’re so slow!” Katrina complained as I got to the table. After getting our food we sat down and talked about what I was going to say in that letter. I decided upon saying that I was too busy with watching my brother, helping my mom at the house,and my job to be in a relationship, and that I was so sorry.

“Now I just have to decide when to give it to him.” I said anxiously.

While chewing she said, “Give it to him on the last day of school. That way you know that he won’t have any more tests.” She swallowed and took another bite.

“Well, it’s decided. On the last day of school I will be single.” With that we put away our lunch trays and scurried off to our classes.

The rest of the day was filled with tests and lectures, so I started my history homework while listening to the teacher drag on about what is going to be on the final. The bell finally rang at 2:50, which told us it was time to go home. Grabbing my things, I went to my locker to grab my bag. Aaron was there. Great.

He smiled, “Hey. How was your day?”

“Fine, had a couple tests. How about you?” I started grabbing all my stuff and coming up with an excuse to stop talking to him in my head.

“Well I just finished all my tests. I don’t have come to finals next week!” He exclaimed loudly.

“Great.” I faked smiled. Then thought for a minute. “Will you be here on the last day then?”

“Yeah, I have to grab my things from my locker. And say farewell to everyone.” he said adjusting his backpack.

“Well I have to go pick up my brother from school.” I lied.

“Okay. Catch ya later.” He exclaimed. And started to head to the computer room. Quickly before he realized I was lying, I ran to my car and drove home. When I got home and turned off my car I saw my mom’s car in the driveway. I walked up the driveway and into the house. My mom was baking cookies. She only bakes when she has really good news.

Heading into the kitchen and picking up a cookie I asked, “Hey, what's the occasion?”

My mom put her blonde hair into a ponytail smiling really big, “Well I got the book deal!” She squealed.

“Oh my god mom that's amazing!” I hugged her. “What are you doing home so early?”

“Well they want me to go to New York for interviews and book signings, and a lot more things that I can’t’ remember half!” She said cleaning the kitchen counter mess.

“When do they want you to go?” I said trying to get to the point.

“Early tomorrow morning. I will be there for a week. They already booked me a flight. Your brother is staying with his dad, and you will be here by yourself.” She said quickly, while washing the cookie dishes.

“Alright, house to myself!” I yelled.

“No Aaron over while i’m gone. You understand me missy!” Her brows were furrowed.

“You don’t have to worry about him anymore. I’m breaking up with him. We have nothing in common.” I mumbled with my head down.

“Oh honey, i’m so sorry.” She said, giving me a hug.

“It’s fine. I feel great.” I smiled.

Finishing the dishes, and draining the water she asked, “Are you sure?”

“Definitely. You should go and pack, you have a big day ahead of you. I have to go do my homework. Love you!” I went upstairs to skype Katrina and tell her the good news. Apparently she wasn’t there, because she didn’t pick up. With doing most of my history questions at school I answered the last couple and put it away. I decided to change into my black comfy shorts, and watch some tv. Realizing it was already 6:00, and not wanting to bother my mom, I made some spaghetti and toast for us to eat.

Once supper was ready and on the table I yelled, “Mom supper is ready.”

Within seconds she was in the kitchen. “Oh thanks hun, I am starving. I am so nervous for this book deal.” She said as she sat down at the table. We didn’t talk much during supper, rather busy stuffing our faces with food. She was done before me, so she took care of her plate and cleaned up the counter, then left to go to her room to pack for New York. I did the same when I was done, but instead went to the living room to watch tv.



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