Backstage L.H

"We both fall asleep underneath the same sky, yet we're miles and miles away." Ik cheesy right😂


3. You found me

A week later


I couldn't stop thinking about that girl summer who I saw at the meet and greet. There's something about her that makes her different then other fans. As I plug in my guitar and get ready for pre sound check, I keep thinking about summer.


As I walk on stage I notice Luke looking like a lost puppy or something. I decide to walk over and make sure he's ok.

"Daydreaming?" I ask.

"What, uh no." He lies.

"Luke I'm not a fool tell me what's up."

"Okay do you remember that girl Summer who came to our meet and greet in Atlanta?"

"I barely remember any of the fans we meet, but the name does ring a bell." I say

"Well, I can't stop thinking about her. She's...different. She's not like other girls." He says smiling.

"Aww Lukeys got a cwushy wushy!!" I tease

"Shut up." He says. "I have to find her.


As I pack my stuff from the hotel to go back to New Mexico, I start thinking about Luke. I think we really connected and I wish I would've got to know him better.

"Hey S you ready to go were gonna miss our plane." My best friend Amerisse says.

"Yeah." I say sadly.

"Summer what's wrong?"

"Well I know this sounds crazy but when I went to the meet and greet, I talked to Luke and I think we really connected."

"Honey, i think all the girls felt that way." She says giggling.

"Your probably right." I say laughing. I just hoped in my mind it was something real. We finished packing and we walked to the front desk to check out. After we checked out we walked out the doors to go to our car. We got in the car and we started our journey to New Mexico. The more we drove, the sadder I got.


We finally found out where Summer was. Turns out she was at a hotel in Atlanta but she actually lives in New Mexico. Don't ask how I know that. So we hopped in the bus and drove to the hotel as quick as possible. We finally got there and I jumped out and ran to the front desk

"Hi is a Summer Garcia staying here?" I asked out of breath.

"I'm sorry she just checked out."

I immediately got so upset. I knew I would never find her.

I'm Lummer af 😍

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