Backstage L.H

"We both fall asleep underneath the same sky, yet we're miles and miles away." Ik cheesy right😂


7. Will You Be My...

Two days later


Luke is probably never gonna talk to me again. But that's not gonna stop me from talking to him. I clean myself up and start my search for Luke. I don't know where his hotel is, but as I'm driving, I see a parade of crazy girls outside of Starbucks.

"He must be there." I said to myself. I park outside the Starbucks and run inside to see Luke taking pictures with fans.


As I'm taking a picture with what seems like the hundredth fan, I see Summer walk into Starbucks. I walk away from the fan and walk up to Summer.

"Summer what are you doing here?"

"Luke I'm so sorry. Aidan kissed me and I tried to pull away from him but his grip was to strong."

"It didn't look like it to me." I said looking down at my feet.

"I swear. I don't have any types of feeling for him. Actually, there's this guy I kinda have my eyes on.

"Who?!" I say shocked.

"Well, he has blonde hair, a lip ring, and he's in a band. He's really cute and funny, and I really like him."

"He sounds like an ass." I say getting upset

"It's you Luke." She says giggling.


"Yes. I think your a really great guy and I really like you."

"I really like you too Summer." I say grabbing her hands.


"Well then, how about I take you on a proper date?

"But what about the fans?"

"I'll take you to a place no one knows about."

"You must come to New Mexico a lot." She says smiling.

"Oh you have no idea." I grab her hand and take her outside.

"It's really close to here so we can walk."

"Okay." She says.

We talk until we get to a field filled with flowers.

"This is it."

"Wow." She says in awe.

"I come here when I want to get away from everything and just focus on me for a little bit."

"It's beautiful."

We sit in the grass and look at the ocean that's ahead of us. I turn and see Summer looking as beautiful as ever.


I notice Luke staring at me as I look at the view ahead of me.


"Yeah?" Just then Luke presses his lips against mine. I've never felt so connected to someone like I feel connected to Luke. Our lips move in sync for a while until we both pull away.

"Summer, ummm, will you uhh, be my girlfriend?"

"Of course." I say with the biggest smile on my face. "I thought you'd never ask."


Your welcome🤘🏽

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