Backstage L.H

"We both fall asleep underneath the same sky, yet we're miles and miles away." Ik cheesy right😂


2. Intro


So this is a intro chapter just so ya get a feel of what's happening🙈


I was heading backstage to meet one of my most favorite bands ever, I was so excited but I kept it in.

"Calm and casual, calm and casual." I breathe in and out.

"Alright Ms. Garcia, are you all set?" The backstage manger says.

I happily sigh "yeah I'm so ready."

"Ok well you have 15 minutes to meet them we have lots of fans that want to meet them as well." She grins and gestures me to enter the room

I walk inside and I see 4 Aussie boys laughing and chatting.

"Hi." I giggle

"Hey, what's your name?" Luke the lead singer asks, he's my favorite.

"My name is Summer, Summer Garcia." I smile

"Cool hair." Michael walks up to me

"Thanks, did it myself."

"I just made a cheese toastie." Ashton randomly blurts

"I like your smile." Calum says flirtatiously, he's the heartthrob, so he's just a natural romantic.

"Thanks." Their personalities are so different yet there all in sync with each other.

"Most fans scream and ask for pics, they never get to know us...but're different." Luke walks up closer to me."

"Yeah I'm pretty chill so, you guys are really fun to hang out with." I push my blue hair behind my ear.

"So what's your favorite song on our new album?"

"Ooh hard to pick..probably castaway."

"That's my favorite t-"

"Alright next fan..thank you for your time!" The manager escorts me out.


"Wait! I didn't get to finish...talking." I mumble to myself.

"Bye." She waves and after that she's gone.

"OH MY GOOOOOODD AHHH OMG HIIII!!!!" The next fan scream and yells.

I put on my smile and take pictures and never get to speak.


To new beginnings my friendssss🤘🏽

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