Backstage L.H

"We both fall asleep underneath the same sky, yet we're miles and miles away." Ik cheesy right😂


10. I Hate Luke

5 months later


It's been 5 months since Luke went on tour and he's finally coming back next month. Keeping up with our relationship has been hard, but we pushed through it. I can't wait to see him.

1 month ago


"I'm not going to date someone for publicity, you know I have Summer." I yelled to my manager. I can't believe he wants me to have a fake girlfriend.

"Luke, buddy, it's for you and your girlfriends protection. You know how cruel girls can be. Just trust me on this."

"Only to protect Summer. She's all I care about." I sigh.

"Great! Luke, I'd like you to meet Anelise." A beautiful girl walked in with black hair and green eyes.

"Hi Luke." She says very seductively. I simply smile feeling very weirded out.

"Okay, all I need the two of you to do is pretend to be a couple." My manager says.

"Okay." We both say. I'll just pretend I'm with Summer.

Back to reality


I sat on my bed after getting out the shower and I got a text from Mikey.

M- Summer??

S- hey mikey what's up?

M-I have something to show you. It's about Luke. I thought you should know.


MIkey sends me this video of Luke and some girl. I keep watching the video and then I see Luke and the girl kiss. My heart drops. Tears well up on my eyes. How could he do this to me? I thought he loved me? I throw my phone across my room and cry in my pillow. My phone is buzzing but I don't wanna answer it. I hate Luke so much. How could Luke do this to me. I actually thought he might be the one. I guess I was wrong.


Sorry for the lack of updates. School just started and I had a lot to take care of but I'm back! I'll probably update next week so watch out cuz it's gonna be a big one. Also thx for 3k reads!!!! Waaaattt!!!!!!!!!💕💕

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